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Torrie: Under the Surgeon’s Knife

It seems Trish Stratus isn’t the only one having work done! Torrie Wilson updated her MySpace some hours ago to say that she is having surgery on her back today. Torrie asks that we keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Read Torrie’s blog below:

Hey my friends!

Well, I just wanted to let you in on everything that’s happening! I am going in for back surgery today and I am so very nervous. I know that I am in great hands as far as all my Dr.’s and all but it’s still scary if you really think about it….I have to say that I absolutely cannot wait to feel better though and I am so damn tired of feeling crickety and fragile and not being able to be as active as I want. They are doing a new kind of surgery where they go in through your side and use a scope to take out one of my discs and replace it with something synthetic. My Dr. says that within 6 weeks I will be able to run some (which is my loooove!) and that I will be walking around tomorrow but please please please say a prayer for me today that everything will go smoothly! If all goes well, my reward will be a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 10 days so I can’t wait for that! I will let you know how it all goes in the next couple of days. Love you all!

Good luck, Torrie! It was reported yesterday that Torrie may be appearing at a RAW house show on June 14th in Boise, Idaho. Looks like things are looking on the up for my favourite Diva!

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