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Total Divas Redux: ‘Flirting With Fandango’

Hola everyone, and apologies for the lateness in this weeks Total Divas Redux. Of course, I am not Cryssi (who may or may not be currently out on a date with Fandango… I’ll leave that for you all to decide), but I am here and I’m ready to get to recapping. Before I start though, I’m going to preface this by saying that while I still support and appreciate the spotlight it brings to the Divas division, I’ve kinda dropped out of Total Divas this season so this probably isn’t going to be one of my better recaps due to a lack of knowledge beyond knowing the main storylines each person has in a weeks episode. I’ll be trying my best though, but bear with me if my best isn’t too snazzy in comparison to our Khaleesi’s usual fun filled extravaganza’s!

Up first, we’ve got some (lack of) relationship drama with Summer Rae:

To be honest, I actually like the fact that Summer Rae is single for show purposes. I mean clearly I don’t support her feeling lonely or that there’s something wrong with her, but it’s refreshing to have someone who can get storylines on their own merit as opposed to mostly being about her and a Superstar like some of the other Divas. Of course, I have nothing wrong with that either (provided the superstar makes for fun TV), but just from a viewers perspective, I enjoy seeing a Diva focused on who doesn’t need to be with a man. It’s something different and with all the wedding/relationship based storylines Total Divas has had since its inception, I definitely appreciate the fact that Summer Rae is a cast member who isn’t involved with that sort of thing. The episode involving her fights with Nattie and Brie is still the best one I’ve personally seen in both seasons combined, and I think she brings a much needed dynamic to the show that a lot of people can relate to (when they look beyond her villainous portrayal).

Needless to say, what comes from Summer wanting a beau of her own is asking resident Bobby favorite, Fandango, out on a date:

Not gonna lie, I liked seeing Summer and Fandango (Side note: I like how Tyson Kidd is known as TJ but Fandango is still Fandango) bounced off one another in the above clip. I don’t think I ever want to see them together in real life (unless they really want it in which case, mazeltov) but for show related purposes, it’s a fun little storyline to explain to casual viewers how these two people can work together in such a sensual role for so long and eventually look to develop feelings towards one another. I have no problem with Summer getting this sort of dating based storyline for an episode, but I really hope it doesn’t become a permanent thing because in what I’ve seen at least, she has injected a much needed life into the cast and I really don’t want to see her bogged down by storylines that feel beneath her (in my opinion at least).

Up next in Total Divas land this week, we’ve got Naomi who was worried to inform Jon that she got a sort of birth control put into her arm, eventually confronting him about it and trying to explain her side of things:

I know I’ve said above how I’m kind of worn out on the relationship side of Total Divas, but Jon and Naomi are pretty much the exception to that. I love them together. It’s hard to explain, but when I watch some of the other couples, I kind of feel like I can’t relate to them in any way and it’s like watching people have problems that feel minor, or that feel like something I would never see in the real world. With Jon and Naomi though, they always come off real to me. When they have problems, it doesn’t feel like little issues, and I can also usually see both of their sides to everything.

Jon wasn’t mad about Naomi’s decision, more so he just wished she would have let him be with her when she did it, and that’s understandable. I do think his comparison of what if he got a vasectomy behind her back is a little different though, because a vasectomy is something that is (for the most part) permanent unless you want to get it reversed. Naomi’s birth control injection only lasts a few years, and it’s more just to protect her career for the time being. Like I said though, I get where they both come from and they’re by far my favorite couple on this show because I tend to never feel annoyed by either one no matter what they argue about.

Rounding out the major storylines for this week is some fighting in Bella-world, as Nikki gets a little tired of hearing Brie talk about her upcoming wedding to Daniel Bryan:

And like any good Bella fight, the twins end the episode by making up with one another:

As I was watching this, for the most part I found Nikki to be kind of harsh. This is her sister’s wedding, not a birthday party or something. A wedding is supposed to be huge and is supposed to be very much about the bride… in fact, it’s usually the one time making an event about yourself is acceptable and not overbearing. When we got to the apology though, I did see Nikki’s side of things. As much as her storylines with John Cena can sometimes be a bit too much for me to get through (that week he bought her property is basically the straw that broke my weekly viewing), she does want to get married. I have to imagine watching Brie go through all of these events knowing full well his stance on marriage has got to be beyond frustrating for her, but it’s hard to show it because you don’t want to come off cruel. The human body can only take so much wedding talk when you’ve got all of that to deal with in your own relationship though, so I get where her finally snapping at Brie came from. It’s good to see they made up and told both of their sides to the story though, because we don’t need a Bella brawl down the aisle with Nikki trying to swipe Brie’s headpiece.

That’s it for this week guys! Again, apologies if this isn’t as fun as Cryssi’s, but she should be back next week so never fear having to put up with me again haha.

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