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Total Divas Redux: “It’s a Beautiful Life?”

Tuesdays’s Total Divas… Ohmygoddddddd! Seriously, who knew Tamina Snuka was such as bad ass?! Can we say instant new favorite?! If you can’t already tell, I absolutely LOVED this episode of Total Divas. It was actually pretty hilarious, which was nice after all the catty drama and relationship woes we’ve been having lately. Of course, there was still a nice bit of relationship stress thanks to Paige taking the worst ever advice from Rosa Mendes, but more on that later. Lets talk about Tamina, shall we?

She definitely gets a nod for Best Supporting Actress for her role in this episode, and I loved seeing her make her case for full time cast member for season five. Who do we have to thank for Tamina’s brilliance? Well, our favorite Canadian, Nattie, of course! Nattie’s contract is set to expire soon and she has it in her head that the company is trying to phase her out thanks to a conversation she had with Mark Carano. Nattie chalked her paranoia over her position with the company to her age and decided to take some extreme measures in order to appear younger.

On a girls night out with Tamina, Alicia Fox and Naomi, Nattie showed up wearing tight jeans and the smallest, lace crop top ever. The outfit was actually pretty fantastic and Nattie looked good in it, so no problem there. But she decided to practice the new language she had learned, which Naomi referred to as “ebonics.” She was calling everyone boo, booboo kitty, and some other stuff that I can’t even remember because I was laughing way too hard. She also decided to insert herself into other people and their celebrations, and it was just so awkward to watch. I actually got secondhand embarrassment from everything going on and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too. They pulled Nattie outside and she finally broke down and told them what was going on.

Naomi and Tamina soothed her worries and handled the situation well, getting Nattie to calm down and smile again. As they were about to walk back into the bar, some loser walked out and decided to scream at the ladies that they suck. Well no one took kindly to that, especially when it was determined that the man wasn’t joking. He continued on and Tamina decided to take matters into her own hands and beat the living crap out of this man. She was a total boss. Amped up from the adrenaline, Tamina gave Nattie an inspired pep talk, and honestly it was just amazing. Nattie left feeling better about herself, and that was the most important thing I took away from all of this. Well that, and Nattie’s iconic Sally Jesse Raphael reference.

Meanwhile, the Bella twins decided they were going to dabble into the singing world and needless to say they both ended up being horrendous. Brie was asked to record her own theme song since it had been doing well on iTunes, and when she went into the studio she warned everyone that she was pretty awful. Well, she was, and even with extra help from the producers she didn’t get any better.

Brie was over the whole thing, but Nikki decided to drag it out and make it into some type of competition. She herself up to record her own theme music with Jim Johnston, who produces all the music for the WWE, and she just knew she was going to kill it. Nikki went to the studio with WWE backstage reporter and friend Renee Young, and I’m sure you can imagine how well that went. She was about as bad as her sister, if not worse, and Johnston was so annoyed with her throughout the whole process. To make things worse, Renee recorded a lot of this on her phone to turn around and show Brie.

Later on in the week, Brie and Renee went to have a glass of wine and they were talking about Nikki’s singing. Renee showed Brie the video on her phone, and Brie couldn’t believe that Nikki still thought she was better. Deciding to teach her twin a lesson when they did a personal appearance for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks of the National Hockey League, Brie surprised Nikki by telling her she would be singing tonight’s National Anthem before game. Nikki didn’t believe her at first, but when a staffer confirmed that it was true, the competitive Bella started to freak out. Brie made things worse by reminding Nikki it was a playoff game and everyone would be watching. Nikki started practicing in the lockerroom, looking up the lyrics on her phone, and finally Brie couldn’t take it anymore. She told Nikki that everything was a joke and she had convinced the staffer to go along with her. Nikki took it with a grain of salt, but you could tell she was relieved that she wouldn’t be making her live singing debut.

Over in Vancouver, British Columbia, Paige found herself on the set of her first movie. Because she’s dressed as an elf, we can only make the assumption it’s going to be a Christmas flick, and the former Divas Champion confirmed that. She also invited her boyfriend, Kevin Skaff, to join her. He took the time off and everything seemed to be going well until Paige and Kevin went to a local bar to have a drink. A fangirl came up to him and asked Paige if she would take a picture of the two of them together, and Paige kind of turned on the attitude. The girl wanted to linger, wanted her picture retaken because the one Paige took wasn’t good enough, and then invited Kevin to have a shot with her. He declined but it made Paige question what happens when she’s not around him.

Rosa was also visiting her and when those two met up, Paige told her about what happened. They were talking about different scenarios of how to test boyfriends, and Paige’s trust issues, and Rosa came up with a plan to test Kevin. They decided that Rosa would entertain Kevin for the day while Paige was filming, and they would have a plant show up and hit on him. His reaction would determine whether or not he past, and if Paige could trust him or not. Paige was hidden from them at the bar and she shot Rosa a text, telling her to go to the bathroom. Paige got a woman to go up and flirt with Kevin, and she reported back to the Brit, telling her that he was very standoffish. Paige was pleased that he passed, but Kevin wasn’t happy that she decided to test him. He went back to the hotel to clear his head.

Paige showed up awhile later and cleared the air with him. She admitted that her past relationship is why she didn’t trust guys and she didn’t want him to be mad at her. He forgave her and everything seems fine with them. We know we get wedding tease from the two of them later on in the season, so we will have to see how that plays out.

Solid episode and lots of hidden gems. It’s definitely worth checking out, and can I just give a shout-out to Emma, who has also been making her case for cast member of season 5? Asking Nattie if she was 37-years old was absolutely hilarious. Lets make this happen.

See you guys next week!

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