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Trick and Treat; An ode to Alexa Bliss’ character

Alexa Bliss is the talk of the wrestling world right now. Her twisted and horror movie-esque persona is a polarizing act, but on that is as creative as it is inventive.

Bliss is a decorated WWE Superstar. She is a multi-time champion and the first wrestler to win the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships.

Throughout her storied career, she has been through several incarnations. The Goddess, Five Feet of Fury, and Little Miss Bliss. But it is her most recent identity that has everybody talking.

Bliss’ “twisted” persona unearthed itself when she became involved with the Fiend. The modus operandi of Bray Wyatt’s alter-ego is that he changes all who come into contact with him and Bliss is no different.

Bliss went from a coffee-loving chat show host to a wild-haired follower of the Fiend. She even started using his Sister Abigail finishing move after falling into a trance.

The terrific transformation continued as her link to the Fiend grew and she began appearing in the Firefly Funhouse.

It was in this environment that Bliss really blossomed as it was clear she enjoyed every second of playing this new character.

Bliss was influential in the Fiend’s feud with Randy Orton, which involved fireball, fire and apparent murder when the ‘Viper‘ burned the Fiend alive at TLC.

With the Fiend now out of the picture the entire act fell on the shoulders of Bliss. She took the ball and ran with it. Her acting and microphone skill was on full show as she created Alexa’s Playground. She exuded confidence, clearly thriving in her ever-evolving character.

Constantly adding new threads to the gimmick she began excellently transforming in the ring between her past, present and future personas.

The next shift in her persona amped up the supernatural elements to her character. The Fiend returned from the dead to help her defeat Randy Orton at Fastlane.

Her relationship with the Fiend came to an end at WrestleMania 37. During his match with Orton, Bliss emerged out of a giant jack-in-a-box with black ooze pouring from a crown upon her head. It made for one impressive visual and kicked off the latest evolution of her fractured identity.

Credit: WWE

The move saw Bliss go out on her own and take to angle further down the rabbit hole and fully exploit her paranormal abilities. Dolls with souls, possession and hypnosis followed.

Yes, the introduction of Lilly and the mind control stuff is a little kooky and received negative feedback from the majority of the audience. But at least it is something different, unique and dare I say fun. One thing WWE viewers complain about is the repetitive booking and matches and Bliss’ segments and matches are most certainly out of the norm.

The horror movie incarnation of Bliss is taking wrestling fans down a path rarely seen for decades. The haunted dolls, hypnotic possession, mind control, and levitation seem to be a difficult pill for many viewers to swallow. But Bliss is obviously having the time of her life and gives her all to the assignment no matter how whacky. This in turn makes the character effective work.

Her dedication to her role is astounding. She gives 110% every time she goes out on television. The out-of-the-box thinking is fully explored and executed perfectly by Bliss.

The character has truly encapsulated the “pandemic-era” of WWE. All of the cinematic aspects of the act are possible because there are no fans in attendance. Therefore it will be very interesting to see how WWE and Bliss adapt the character once live crowds return.

The character shift allowed Bliss to explore all kinds of weird and wonderful personalities and alter-egos. It is certainly an alternative and experimental character that Bliss clearly enjoys and thrives in playing. While her role and antics may not be for everyone, her zeal and gusto must be applauded.

What do you make of Alexa Bliss’ portrayal of her ever-evolving character? Let us know in the comments below.

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