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Trinity Fatu Debunks Reports Saying STARDOM Turned Her Down Due To Cost

In a report from the Wrestling Observer that cane out on Friday, it stated that Trinity Fatu (Naomi), hasn’t been brought into STARDOM or NJPW due to costs. This following the success that Mercedes Moné has had thus far in Japan and that Fatu hasn’t emerged back in the ring yet.

Dave Meltzer claimed, “The hard part about a longer commitment (to Mone) is that Bushiroad’s wrestling division, even though Stardom has grown greatly, has overall taken a major financial hit because of New Japan’s declines related to the pandemic, even with New Japan World up. Because of that, the wrestling division is under pressure to keep spending down. An example is that they were told they could bring in Trinity Fatu, but it was felt it would cost too much for the return and thus far hadn’t made that deal.”

Fatu took to her Instagram Story and posted the words “Not True” across the report.

Fatu has recently been seen at a ROH event where she was in the front row watching Athena. She was not mentioned during the broadcast. She has also trademarked the name Trinity Starr but has since abandoned that name on April 17.

You can see her training in the ring with ex-WWE Superstar Kalisto in the post below.

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