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Trinity Retains At Victory Road; Jordynne Grace Returns

On Sept. 8, IMPACT had its Victory Road event. There were three Knockouts matches including the return of Jordynne Grace who took a step away from wrestling back in May.

First we had the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles being defended as the champions MK Ultra faced Savannah Evans and Gisele Shaw. Final moments leading up to the end of that match had Jai Vidal up on the apron. This allowed Shaw and Evans to get the better of Masha Slamovich while the referee was distracted. Evans inadvertently hits Shaw with a big boot while Killer Kelly takes care of Vidal at ringside. Slamovich hits Evans with a roundhouse kick, followed by the Snow Plow to get the pin.

Next we had that return of Jordynne Grace. She took on her very popular opponent Deonna Purrazzo. Heading to the closing moments of this bout, both women were down following a double clothesline. Purrazzo hits a pump kick, followed by a German suplex. Purrazzo locks in another Fujiwara Armbar but Grace breaks free. Purrazzo goes for the Queen’s Gambit on numerous occasions but Grace connects. The returning Knockout then connects with the Juggernaut Driver to get the victory.

Lastly we had Trinity defending the Knockouts World Championship against a determined Alisha Edwards. The tide turned in the match after the champion inadvertently knocked out the referee.

Alisha tapped out to Star Struck but there’s no referee to make the call. Eddie Edwards attacks Trinity from behind. He was about to put her through another table like he did this past week when Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks emerge to help as they both get their punches in on Eddie. Trinity launches herself off the top rope and lands through the table that Eddie found himself on. Alisha hits Trinity with a kendo stick but it’s not enough and Trinity connects with the Full Nelson Slam to retain.

Alisha and Eddie will be facing Kazarian and Brooks at IMPACT 1,000.

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