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Trish Stratus Praises Tiffany Stratton, Says “We’ll See” On A Future Match

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is giving praise and compare Stratton’s start to a lot like hers. Following the Extreme Rules match that Stratton had with Becky Lynch at No Mercy, Stratus had the following to say on Booker T’s podcast –

“I see the same sort of things, and she said this, ‘I have to prove myself because people expect a certain something out of people who look this way.’ That’s just the way it is. I wouldn’t say Tiffany and I are the Girl Next Door, more bombshell. There is a lot of pre-judgment and pre-conceived notions about what that person or personality can deliver. For me, I thrived on knocking down those preconceived notions, that’s what drove me. ‘You think I can do this, I’m going to do this.’ I knew I had to prove myself. Even to the boys, when I first came in, I had to prove myself to the boys.

I know that Tiffany has had a similar journey, just because of the way she looks and her lack of background, just like I had, I didn’t come from a traditional background or upbringing. We are both in that same predicament. Having those chances and taking those opportunities, like she did with her Extreme Rules match, taking those opportunities and seizing them. ‘This will solidify and shut those people up.’ I love what she’s doing. I’ve tackled the ten-year generational gap. Trishy Time, Tiffy Time.”

When asked if she has interest on facing Stratton, Stratus stated –

“We’ll see. I’m available at certain times [laughs]. This is always my thing, every time I’ve been back, it’s about will I have fun? Will it be entertaining for the fans? Is it different for the fans? Will I do something that will help the business? Those are the boxes I need to check. Who knows. I always leave everything open. The last box is, will I be able to perform at my optimal level? If I’m shittier than I was before, I’m not coming,” she said. (Fightful)

Stratus was last seen in a steel cage match against Becky Lynch at Payback in September.

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