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Trish Stratus Says, “You Just Never Know” On Returning To The Ring

The WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus who had a fantastic return in 2023 hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since losing to Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage Match. She appeared on the WrestleMania XL Kick Off show where she was interviewed by Cathy Kelley.

During the interview, Cathy commented on Stratus’ history with Lynch and if she thinks thay she can beat Ripley for the Women’s World Title. Stratus talks about their match of the year contender they put on in 2023 and gives huge praise for Lynch. She says that Lynch is the best woman she has ever stepped in the ring with.

However, Stratus says “Mother” has not stepped into the ring with “Mami” so she doesn’t know if Lynch can overcome Ripley. When asked by Cathy if we will see Stratus back in the ring, she states, “you just never know.”

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