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Unwrapped: The Bella Bowl Turns 3

View Brie & Nikki’s photoshoot by clicking here.

Our Unwrapped feature is making its return! Every Thursday, coinciding with WWE.com’s weekly photoshoot updates, we’ll take a look at the newest Diva photoshoot and give you the opportunity to voice your opinions on it. Let’s unwrap this week’s eye candy..

Bella Bowl III is here! Yes, this is the third time the Bellas have donned the colors of the opposing Super Bowl teams for a tandem photoshoot. Part sexy, part cheesy, this photoshoot has become a bit of a tradition. So, how does this shoot stand up to the previous two?

The Look: Compared to the first two Bella Bowl shoots (2009 here, 2010 here), there seems to be less of an effort put into making their outfits look like uniforms. The very first Bella Bowl had the full treatment: team t-shirts, matching athletic pants, athletic gloves, and eye black. The second went a little more matchy-matchy, with similarly altered t-shirts and matching heels. The third and most recent shoot finds the Bellas in cut up, off-the-shoulder t-shirts, booty shorts, skull caps (which are super cute), socks, and high heels. The look has gone front quasi-athletic to just an excuse to make the Bellas look sexy with some NFL logos slapped on their chests. Yes, the look is sexy, but it’s cliche. The looks, when they better resembled the NFL uniforms, came off as an effort to make in interesting football-themed photoshoot, and it was fun. Here, it looks more like an ad for some local sports bar’s “Super Bowl night”. It’s less polished and too cheeky.

The Poses: All of these shoots have done the same thing, more or less–have Brie and Nikki faux-fight, symbolizing the two teams’ gridiron battle. This involves a lot of hands shoved in faces and poses with tiny footballs. These are always interesting shoots in that respect–they’re more lively than the usual photoshoots, and you can tell Brie and Nikki are having fun with it. This year, I really enjoy the shots with the Steelers’ “terrible towel”–the pose with Brie standing on the towel is particularly funny. It’s not as randomly entertaining as the “beer cap” in last year’s shoot, but it definitely spices up the shoot. However, I get the feeling that they’re kind of getting away from the fun aspects and are getting too concerned with mugging sexily for the camera. It makes more some awkward-looking shots–jostling for the football while making sexy faces at the camera? Hm..

Originality: These shoots always stand out, and I enjoy them for the change of pace they offer. While the concept of sexy girls wearing sports clothing is one almost as old as sports itself, the WWE doesn’t do it too often, so it’s not exactly overdone.

Overall: Compared to the past two Bella Bowl shoots, I think this one falls short. It’s less fun, almost too concerned with turning on fans than entertaining them with silly football poses. That silliness is one of the main things I enjoyed about these annual shoots–the Bellas would let loose, so to speak. There’s plenty of other chances during the year to look uber-sexy–the Bella Bowl shoots are supposed to be fun! This shoot doesn’t match up to the liveliness of the last two, and it just isn’t as interesting. Rating: 2.5/5

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