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Update on Daffney: Swollen Left Arm, Severe Concussion


The extent of TNA Knockout, Daffney‘s injuries have been the subject of various reports. As we re-reported earlier this week, the Wrestling Observer website suggested that the scream queen had suffered a broken arm. That, it has now been confirmed, is not true.

Daffney’s official website, notes that the Knockout is suffering from a swollen left arm after the crazy spot in which she was thrown through a barbed wire-laden table at Bound for Glory last weekend. The website notes her left hand has become numb.

Also, as noted previously, Daffney suffered a concussion which has been confirmed by the Knockout herself. According to her statement to the website, this is much worse than her swollen arm as she is unable to use the computer for more than a few minutes. Daffney is said to be recuperating at home.

Once again, we’d like to send our support to Daffney on a speedy recovery!

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