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Utami Hayashishita wins the STARDOM 5 Star GP Tournament

Utami Hayashishita has been crowned as this year’s winner of the STARDOM 5 Star GP Tournament.

The finals of the tournament took place on Sep, 19 at Korauken Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Utami came first in the Blue Stars standings and Himeka would do the same in Red Start standings. The two winners went on to meet in the tournament finals. The winner gets to challenge for the World of STARDOM Championship.

Utami would defeat Himeka with her patented Torture Rack Bomb on the ten-minute mark for the win. After the match, STARDOM Presidents, Rossy Ogawa awarded Utami the victory gown, crown, and trophy.

Utami will now challenge the winner of the World of STARDOM Championship match between Mayu Iwatani and Syuri on Oct, 3 in Yokohama.

Also on the show the leader of Donna del Mondo, Guilia announced that a new member will be joining the faction. The mystery member will arrive on the Oct, 3 show.

STARDOM continues to put on great shows, with fantastic performers and excellent action. Stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your STARDOM news and updates.

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