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Vickie Blasts Ex-Wrestlers’ Wives

The least conventional Diva on the roster, if in fact, you could call her that, Vickie Guerrero has blasted the wives of ex-wrestlers who have gone onto condemn WWE in the media. WWE has seen a lot of criticism from the wives of former wrestlers, including two former Divas: Terri Runnels and Debra. PWInsider’s report below:

The new issue of WWE Magazine (Triple H on the cover) features an interview with Vickie Guerrero. She noted that the worst thing for her children watching her on Smackdown is to see her kissing Edge on TV. Guerrero was asked her thoughts on “wrestling wives that suddenly decide to condemn WWE in the media.” Vickie responded, “I’m very disappointed with them. When they were a part of WWE and their husbands were working, they had no problems cashing the paychecks. But, if something goes wrong, they’re the first ones to lash out. I’ve never been a public person – when Eddie passed away, I declined every interview request. I didn’t want to go on TV and tell everyone how I felt. But this business has put food on our table for more than 20 years. It’s taken care of my kids, and these people have become a second family to me. I don’t have any respect for the women who’ve forgotten that this business fed their families for a long time.”

I 100% support Vickie in her comments, don’t bite the hand that feeds. But that said, Vickie is one of the lucky ones and from all accounts, her husband cherished her. Meanwhile, Debra, I firmly believe and support her claims that Steve Austin domestically abused her. Yet being the popular figure that he is, he gets what? A slap on the wrist? Fact is, Austin was a wife beater and should have faced jail time but he didn’t because he was a top WWE star, I can only imagine the pressure Debra must have faced not to press charges. She, too, was employed by WWE at the time. I truly believe Debra is justified in her criticisms of WWE as she experienced first hand some of the injustice that goes on. That said, Debra’s case is just one in a gaggle of women who’ve cried wolf, so I can see where Vickie is  coming from.

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