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Vickie Guerrero Says Dolph Ziggler Pushed Her on Raw

WWE is continuing the Vickie Guerrero/Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger storyline via its website with Vickie claiming that Dolph pushed her on Monday Night Raw this past week in a fit of jealousy over her managing Swagger.

Vickie tells “I was pushed by Dolph Ziggler. Everyone knows that Dolph is jealous because I introduced Jack Swagger as my potential new client. I have to explore my options.”

Meanwhile Dolph argues that she simply fell to the ground herself: “Apparently, Vickie got a little overzealous, forgetting where the golden egg was. She bumped into me and fell down on her own, of course. She took a little spill. Everything should be fine.”

Read the full story here.

Watch a clip of the incident below:

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