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Video Exclusive: Fight Breaks Out Between Cheerleader Melissa & Makoto at All Japan Press Conference

Ahead of their history-making bout this weekend in Taiwan, a fight broke out today between Cheerleader Melissa and Japanese star Makoto.

The fight occured at a press conference for All Japan Pro Wrestling’s “Pro Wrestling Love in Taiwan” in Taipei which takes place tomorrow, November 5th and Sunday, November 6th. Melissa is due to team with BLACK BUSHI and Dark Dragon against Makoto, Ultimo Dragon and BUSHI at tomorrow’s show, before facing Makoto in a singles match the next day.

It has been confirmed by officials that the matches will have some history behind them, as we’re told it marks the first time a female wrestling match has taken place on in Taiwan.

Check out our exclusive video footage below:

Also, Melissa is keeping us updated on her travels and has sent in a picture of her with former WWE star Nelson Frazier (Big Daddy V/Viscera) and Joe Doering.

See it in full below!

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