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Video: Friction Starts to Build Between Charlotte and Ric Flair

[media-credit name=”WWE” align=”alignnone” width=”620″]Charlotte and Ric[/media-credit]

As we move closer to the showdown between Natalya and Charlotte at Extreme Rules, Michael Cole sat down with Charlotte and her two-time Hall of Fame father, Ric Flair in a interview.

At the start of the interview Charlotte begins to boast that she’s close to breaking Nikki Bella‘s longest reigning champion title record and Ric starts to dote on her, saying it’s the most outstanding accomplishment of his entire career to be in her corner now.

However, Cole begins to focus on Ric being banned from ringside during her upcoming match at Extreme Rules. Cole points out that this past Monday, he was banned from ringside too and Charlotte lost her match against Paige.

Charlotte insists she had her hands full on Monday with a variety of distractions and it doesn’t count as a loss. Then Cole asks Charlotte if she can defeat Natalya at Extreme Rules in a Submission match without her father there. She pretends she doesn’t understand the question and tries to move on.

But then Cole asks the same question to Ric, he says, “Nothing is guaranteed. … I said there are no guarantees but… I think she’ll win, yes.”

Cole says it doesn’t seem like a very confident answer but Ric explains that Charlotte has been winning her entire life without him. Cole, again, begins to point out her loss on Monday but Charlotte immediately shuts him down, telling him to not berate her and ends the interview.

Watch the full interview below:

Do you think Charlotte can beat Natalya without her father’s help?

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