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Video: Sasha Banks Talks Family, K-Pop With Renee Young on ‘Unfiltered’

The latest episode of Renee Young‘s interview show Unfiltered features none other than The Boss, Sasha Banks.

In the interview, Sasha talks about her beauty routine, sharing that during her off time, she wears very little makeup in order to give her skin “a break.” She says she doesn’t want to be “Sasha Banks” when she’s at home, preferring to be more low key.

As for what she does during her time off, Sasha shares that she cleans, does laundry, packs, catches up on her “stories” on Hulu and talks to her mother.

Sasha describes her mother as a big Christian, recalling how she would take her to church five times a week when she was a child. She says her mother did not approve of her being a wrestler until she started to grow on the indy circuit, but since her signing and NXT Women’s Title win, her mother has been “over the moon” about her career.

She credits her brother – who has autism – for making her the person she is today. She says, growing up, she was like a second mother to him. She jokes that he loves watching her lose matches.

Sasha shares her dream of appearing in a Korean movie, narrowing it down to some type of crime film. She says Oldboy is one of her favorite movies and recalls falling in love with Asian movies when she saw the original version of The Eye. Renee jokes that she’s a real life Harajuku girl. Sasha plays Renee a bit of K-Pop, giving her a feel of the Korean music genre.

She reveals that the only concerts she’s been to have been ones put on by her cousin, Snoop Dogg. She says she once turned down his request to have her dance on stage to his song “Beautiful”.

She recalls Snoop Dogg taking her backstage to a WrestleMania and some Raws when she was a teenager, where she took pictures with Alicia Fox, Natalya, Brie and Nikki Bella. She says she doesn’t want to post those pictures, because she thinks she looks bad in them.

Lastly, Sasha shares her hidden talent: rapping. She says she has good flow and has rap battles with her boyfriend at home.

Watch a preview clip below and view the full episode on the WWE Network.

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