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Videos: Layla Makes Up With Fandango, Fights Summer Rae on Main Event

Last night on WWE Main Event, Layla made amends with Fandango, but a brawl with Summer Rae appears to have set the couple back yet again.

In a backstage segment, Fandango apologized to Layla for kissing Summer on SmackDown, telling her that she will always be his “one and only dance partner.”

Soon after, just before Fandango was set to take on Bo Dallas, Summer ran to the ring and laid another kiss on him, starting yet another fight between her and Layla.

Fandango watched on, not taking a side as the referees tried to pry the Divas apart. They fought to the back, leading to a distracted Fandango suffering another loss to Dallas.

Watch it all go down below:

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