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Videos: Summer Rae and Rusev Address Lana’s Attack on Raw

Both Summer Rae and Rusev had plenty to say about Lana‘s fish attack on Raw, taking different tactics to denigrate her.

In an interview recorded at SmackDown, Summer vented her frustrations about Lana and offered her some “beauty tips”.

When JoJo recounts Lana’s fish attack on Raw, Summer claims that it constituted assault.

Even so, Summer said the joke’s on Lana: fish are full of fatty acids and Omega-3s, which are good for your skin. She says Lana, given the way she looks, should consider putting fish on her face.

Watch the interview below:

Summer and Rusev also addressed the incident on SmackDown itself, Rusev claiming that Lana is just jealous of Summer and wants to be with him. He curses himself for continuing to fall for Lana and promises Summer that he will make it up to her by taking her and her new puppy Ziggler for a walk.

Watch the video below:

Where do you think this feud should go?

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