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Weekend Crazies: Gail Back to WWE?

Weekends + slow news = crazies out in full force. The latest (I’m assuming) fan-concocted story is that Gail Kim could be on her way back to WWE. I don’t like to pay attention to such frivolous fancies and it’s usually easy to tell which stories have been written by fans and which are legit, but if anything let’s admire the penmanship of this writer:

There is some speculation that Gail Kim is likely to be brought back to WWE after her current TNA deal expires.

WWE has spent the greater part of the last year training several Asian females to take the role as the featured Asian diva however most of these attempts have not led to any promising future.

With Gail’s work in TNA being strong and TNA’s women’s division clearly the biggest ratings draw for the promotion currently, WWE is expected to be offering contracts to several of the TNA Knockouts when their agreements with TNA end. According to sources the deal to bring Gail Kim back to WWE is basically a done deal. There has been some internal heat for Gail being released in the first place during large scale talent cuts several years back when Gail was sidelined with a string of injuries and had been internally labeled with the “injury prone” stamp.

While Gail has been sidelined with some minor injuries during her time in TNA it looks like WWE is willing to take that risk to get the best available talent back on their rosters.

If the above news turns out to be legit, I will be the first one to apologise. Until then, you can make up your own mind.

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