Monday, March 4, 2024

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What’s That? ECW With a Real Divas Match?

It has to be seen to be believed, but last night ECW pulled a real wrestling match featuring the Divas. We’re not talking about Kelly Kelly vs Layla part 13544634, we’re talking about a competetive, physical match-up like RAW and SmackDown! This was a really good match, though it is funny how the ECW Divas, Kelly and Layla got no ring time! Natalya, Michelle and Victoria all were great in the ring, though Michelle seemed a little off her game this week. I don’t like Victoria jobbing to Cherry, why couldn’t it have been Layla?! Other than that, a very good match up. Watch below!

I don’t know what’s going over at WWE HQ in Stamford but I think all of us Diva fans should band together and count our blessings, because this has been a week of unusually strong booking for the Divas! We had a fantastic night for Mickie and co. on RAW on Monday, a great match on ECW and we can look forward to not one but two Diva matches on SmackDown! and then there’s Judgment Day on Sunday!

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