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Why hasn’t Shayna Baszler been on WWE programming?

Shayna Baszler hasn’t been seen on WWE programming for nearly two months. The last match to feature the Queen of Spades was against Natalya on RAW. Baszler came to the RAW roster earlier this year. Her time in NXT seemed to be well worn out as her record-setting championship reign had her dominating the black and gold brand for over a year.

Credit: WWE

The domination continued as she barreled through her competitors in the Elimination Chamber match in February in a much-unneeded fashion. It was quite obvious she was going to be Becky Lynch‘s challenger for the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, so her winning this match with that prize wasn’t the smartest booking decision. Regardless her push seemed still on track.

Shockingly, Baszler did not win at WrestleMania which we recently found out that Lynch pushed to have her actually win the title from the long-time champ. Since then she would continue to be used up until about the moment Paul Heyman would exit from his role.

“Nobody really knows the reason Heyman was dumped past the ratings were bad and a lot on the inside could see it coming, but in hindsight, it appears Vince didn’t agree with Heyman on the potential of a lot of the talent he was trying to build around.”

Credit: WWE

But why has Baszler been removed from television? It isn’t due to injury or even from concerns about the current COVID situation. She isn’t being utilized because Vince McMahon simply doesn’t want to book her according to the Wrestling Observer.

“Vince also soured on Baszler completely because he never conceptually grasped the style that an MMA fighter should use in pro wrestling and she doesn’t check his buttons when it comes to women in wrestling, so he made the call to remove her push and take her off television.”

Seems as though by this theory, McMahon may want to revisit Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey if this is the reason.

What are your thoughts on Shayna being removed from television and any push on RAW has been stopped? leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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