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Carmella and Corey Graves rumors *updated*

UPDATE 02/19 New reports from Pro Wrestling Sheet suggest that Graves and his wife have been separated for the past six months. In that time, they have been in divorce proceedings. 

Graves reportedly told his wife he was seeing Carmella over the weekend. The pair’s relationship started after him and his wife were separated.

Yesterday, Corey Graves’s wife – Amy Polinsky – accused her husband of cheating on her with WWE Superstar, Carmella, in a since-deleted Instagram post. Regardless whether or not these allegations are true, we can’t help but wonder how they’ll affect Mella’s Elimination Chamber match later tonight. where she’ll be challenging for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

We should expect Corey Graves on commentary, as usual. The match is far too high profile to expect either party to just lay low for the night.

If we’re being honest, Carmella and Naomi’s chances at winning weren’t great heading into the match. In fact, Diva Dirt’s Dean Buckley expects them to be eliminated first. Match-wise, the rumors probably won’t change anything.

Although, we do wonder how this will affect Graves’s commentary going forward. He has been known to speak crassly about certain women, especially women named Mandy Rose. It’s likely he’ll have to tone it down on tonight’s show, especially when Carmella is in the ring. Even if he does tone things down, we dread to think what the fans could chant at Mella upon her entrance tonight.

Read the entire sourced article from Wrestling, Inc. on the Carmella and Corey Graves news here.

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