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Winner Predictions For The 2022 Ms. Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank is quickly approaching. Now that Hell in a Cell is over and done with, MITB is set for Saturday, July 2 in Paradise, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The first participant will be decided on the June 10 episode of SmackDown as Lacey Evans will be facing Xia Li to qualify for this year’s match.

It has been since 2017 that women have been participating in the Money in the Bank match itself. Since then, five women have held the briefcase, albeit only one carried it for any length of time (Carmella).

As with anything, if you ask someone who should win a Money in the Bank match the answers will vary. Some feel that those that are the bigger names should use it to their advantage whereas some others feel that it should go to someone who is in much need of a push to the top. Winning the briefcase almost guarantees that you will become a champion. And it has for the five women who have won it so far in history.

As seen with the past winners, a few such as Alexa, Bayley, and Asuka were pretty well established at the time of their briefcase capture. With that being said, someone like Bayley would go on to have the most successful singles run in her career with the SmackDown Women’s Championship and incorporated a heel turn as well.

So who may be the winner this year? Well, let’s chat and break the possible winners down into four categories.

Heavy Hitters

Alexa Bliss

Credit – WWE

– Alexa may be one of the previous winners who could win it for a second time. Carmella currently is the only woman to win the briefcase twice after the first Money in the Bank match was redone after a controversial victory. Bliss has been on a boost to the top with win after win since she has been back. There was even a vignette aired of her prior MITB win. There may be a reason why she didn’t win the number one contender spot to face Bianca at the event for the Raw Women’s Title. And that reason may be MITB match related.

Becky Lynch

– Big Time Becks could very well be this year’s Money in the Bank winner. Despite her not needing the briefcase to get a championship match in the slightest, her current downward spiral will need a boost at some point. Lynch could play fake cash-ins really well with her character but perhaps at this time, she should continue the feud with Asuka without the opportunity of a championship at the moment.


Credit – WWE

– Other than Alexa Bliss, Bayley would be the other previous winner that may get the briefcase. She has been out of action with an injury for one year and Money in the Bank in 2021 was the event where her match with Bianca had to be scrapped as a result. Winning this match again could follow suit with WWE’s recent blur of the brands. Despite Bayley most likely being needed on SmackDown her unfinished business with Bianca on the Raw brand could have her showing up with the briefcase on both shows. If she is returning regardless of winning or not, she should be kept as a surprise entrant.

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