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Winners & Losers: NXT – The Great American Bash 07.08.20

The second night of The Great American Bash is a wrap and we had two matches to enjoy. The first was an advertised Street Fight between Candice LeRae and Mia Yim. These two have been feuding for months and the rivalry also included their significant others. The only one-on-one they had prior to this match was a double count-out, so the winner of this was crucial to who comes out on top of this rivalry.

It didn’t take long for the match to start as Yim attacked LeRae during her entrance. She then starts bringing out the artillery in the form of steel chairs, kendo sticks, etc. After Yim entered the ring then the bell finally rings.

Highlights of the match include when the fight gets taken outside the ring and they head towards the production/catering area. A food fight of sorts ensues from items on the catering table. Yim is rolled onto a platform that is by the catering table. A fire extinguisher is introduced as LeRae uses it to spray down her opponent. LeRae then joins her on the platform and goes to suplex Yim but it is stopped. Tim instead gets the upper hand as she dropkicks the Poison Pixie from the platform through the catering table.

Credit: WWE

The action gets back into the ring and LeRae takes charge. She focuses on steel chairs to wear Yim down including pressing on her back. LeRae brings in steel chair after steel chair into the ring and piles them up. A table is then placed over the top ropes in the corner. Moments later, Yim traps LeRae with a trash can over her head as she is placed in the corner. A running kick to the trash can has LeRae falling over. Yim doesn’t stop there as she hits a cannonball. Only gets a near fall.

The brass knuckles enter the match via Yim. LeRae blocks the use of them with a steel chair. They both end up climbing to the top of the table that’s still laying on the top of the ropes in the corner. Yim still has the brass knuckles in hand. LeRae gets possession of the brass knuckles and uses them on Yim. She follows up with a swinging neckbreaker from the top This has Yim coming crashing down on to the pile of chairs. LeRae lands on top to make the cover. After a brutal match, LeRae gets the pin and the win.

The second and shorter women’s match of the night saw the return of Mercedes Martinez. Martinez had not been in a match or on TV since February where she won against Kacy Catanzaro. Her return has been anticipated for the past couple of weeks and her opponent ended up being Santana Garrett.

The match was extremely short and despite Garrett showing off her athleticism, it was obvious Martinez was going to win her return. She ends up hitting a Fisherman’s Buster to get the pin and the win. Seeing these two would make a great match based on their indie experience and history, but it should be in a real match and not just a squash.

Other than these two matches, Robert Stone tried to recruit a second member of his brand. He tried to convince Shotzi Blackheart as Aliyah stood by to try and convince her. Well, this didn’t work and it ended with Stone being attacked by Killian Dain and ran over by Blackheart’s tank.

There was also a promo video fro Tegan Nox vs. Io Shirai hyping up their upcoming title match. The match has been announced for next week.

Credit: WWE

Let’s get into the Winners & Losers of the night:

WINNER: Candice LeRae

After a great brutal Street Fight, LeRae came out victorious. If this indeed is the end of her rivalry with Yim then she wins it overall. There are rumors this may mean that Yim will move to a new brand. There were also rumors Chelsea Green was on her way to a different brand but it hasn’t happened quite yet.

Where LeRae would go for here? Not sure, but she is looking good for now.

WINNER: Mercedes Martinez

It is great to see Mercedes back. Big things are in her future and her win here is far from a surprise. To be honest I feel like she should already be on RAW or SmackDown but maybe I am in the minority thinking that way? I just need a big feud with her against whomever. I wouldn’t mind it being Santana if done right.

LOSER: Santana Garrett

Speaking of Santana, she continues to lose. Other than a win against Aliyah, Santana hasn’t had any sort of push since signing with the company. There have been no storylines for her and she has been reduced to a jobber. More is needed from Santana and she didn’t have to be the one to take this loss to Mercedes. Her outfit was great though.

What did you think of the wrap up of The Great American Bash? Who were your Winners & Losers? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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