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Winners & Losers: SmackDown 04.10.20


Friday Night SmackDown picked up where RAW left off and that is with plenty to talk about from the women’s division. WrestleMania may be in the rear view, however, there is still plenty to build from as a result of that event. The match of the night saw The Kabuki Warriors getting a rematch for their former gold. They faced the new Women’s Tag Team Champions – Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss.

Another great match between these four women was a joy to watch. Personally, I feel that the WrestleMania match was better, but this one certainly was entertaining. Asuka and Cross arguing on top of the commentary desk was fun to watch. Speaking of Asuka, she certainly has been the glue that has held both RAW and SmackDown together. She has been appearing on both shows for the past several weeks and has been the most entertaining to see during this time.

The match culminated with Kairi Sane being isolated in the ring. This allowed for a blind tag by Cross. She would enter the match and hit a neck breaker to pick up the pin on Sane to retain the title. With these two being the only two teams left on-screen I couldn’t have been the only one wanting The IIconics to return tonight.

Credit: @DynamiteSkye

In regards to the tag team division there seems to be a new team brewing and that is Dana Brooke and Carmella. They were seen backstage approaching Bliss & Cross after their win. They challenged them to a match and although Bliss was reluctant, they accepted. There wasn’t any mention of when this match would take place but because Brooke and Carmella weren’t on WrestleMania they wanted a chance for the gold.

Brooke was also announced to be in a qualifying match for next week against Naomi for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match that will take place on May 10.

From the tag titles we transfer to the SmackDown Women’s Title. Bayley retained in a Fatal Five-way at Mania and she continues to think she is the unstoppable role model. Her and Sasha Banks stood in the ring and explained the opinions of the sheep. They were interrupted by a determined Tamina. The two best friends attempt to smooth things over as always with the compliments to her. Tamina wasn’t buying it and issued a challenge of her own. She explains that although she may have been first out during the Fatal Five-way match, it took all four of the other competitors to do so. She wants a title shot one-on-one with the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Bayley would agree to this, however, Tamina has to go through Banks first next week. It has been a while since Tamina has been seen as an unstoppable force and also standing on her own instead of being the bodyguard for someone else. So could she be finally getting her moment?

Sonya Deville was also on the show to accompany Dolph Ziggler to ringside. Ziggler defeated Tucker and although it appears Mandy Rose is busy with Otis, Deville will meet with her next week. Deville and Ziggler maintain that the footage that was shown about their involvement with the Valentine’s date gone wrong was doctored. Let’s see how Deville talks her way out of this one as she will be face to face with Rose next week.

Let’s get into the Winners & Losers of the week:

WINNER: Sasha Banks

Banks has really been killing it on the mic. Her reactions to Tamina have been comical and having that during these times is a nice relief. Since Bayley was the one to make the match between Sasha and Tamina for next week, it seems that there is still that break up lurking. Although I won’t get my hopes up to much because we all know what happen for the majority of 2018 between the two.

WINNER: Dana Brooke

OPPORTUNITY!! Brooke was unfortunately taken out of the WrestleMania match but she is back and is ready to finally get some gold. Between her qualifying match for the MITB Ladder match as well a Women’s Tag Team Championship If anyone’s immediate future looks bright it would be Dana’s.


Everyone on tonight’s show seems to be moving forward in there storylines so it really is hard to pick a loser this week. The Kabuki Warriors could be considered on the losing end as they lost their rematch, but with how Asuka has been carrying both shows and the match itself being good that seems to be a stretch.

What did you think of this week’s show? Who were your Winners and Losers? Did you find anyone on the loser end? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.