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Winners & Losers: WWE TLC 12.20.20

WWE’s final event of 2020, Tables, Ladders and Chairs is over and all the dust has settled. The two women’s matches were both excellent encounters and had a huge impact on their respective brands.

It will be very interesting to see in which direction the company will take as we close out the year and look toward WrestleMania 37.

Let’s get to the action.

Sasha Banks defeated Carmella to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Carmella’s entrance was brilliant and made her look every bit the star she is. She sauntered down to the ring with all the confidence in the world, while “The Boss” stormed the ring waiting to get payback for all of the attacks, mind games and champagne-based violence she had suffered leading into this match.

The action in the ring was heated and fierce as Carmella targetted Bank’s champagne bottle damaged back. Reginald, Carmella’s somelier was on hand to to run interference whenever she was in trouble.

Banks would channel her hero, Eddie Guerrero hit the Three Amigos and a frog splash but Carmella kicked out at two.

Carmella would drop Banks with a brutal facebuster, which the champ was somehow able to kick out of. The two competitors would trade submission holds with Carmella locking in the Code of Silence and “The Boss” with the Banks Statement. Reginald would pull Carmella out of the ring saving her from submitting but Banks would hit him with a flying Meteora to the outside.

Carmella would attempt a second facebuster but Banks would counter it into the Bank Statement in the middle of the ring forcing the tap out for hard-fought victory.

This was a great match with two really strong performances. Carmella proved that she hang with top level talent, while Banks showed once again why she has been one of the best wrestlers this entire year.

After the match “The Boss” laid out a challenge to the rest of the SmackDown women’s division to see who his next to step up to the champ.

Asuka and Charlotte Flair become the new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler watched and waited in the ring to see who Asuka’s partner would be. The surprise of no one Charlotte Flair’s music hit and “The Queen” had returned after a six month absence.

Asuka and Baszler got the match under way exchaning some strikes before Charlotte tags in demanding to get revenge on Jax for injuring her arm in June. Back and forth action ensues but Jax pushes Flair away.

The champs would target Asuka with some double team offence using the ring post and barricades for assistance. Charlotte would eventualy get the hot tag and explode into action taking the fight right to Baszler and Jax.

Charlotte continued her flurry of offence using a variety of different attacks. Jax takes a big boot to the face while Baszler eats a suplex and a baseball slide to the outside. The duo gathers themselves on the outside only to be taking out with top rope moonsault to the floor.

Baszler and Charlotte would trade submission holds. Jax broke her partner out of the Figure Eight but a Karifuda clutch attempt is transitioned into Natrual Selection that wins the match and the titles making Charlotte a Grand Slam Champion in the process.

Charlotte’s return may have predictable but it was great to her return after all this time. She was in phenomenal shape and hasn’t missed a step during her reovery time away. It’ll be interesting to see where both partnerships go from here as Charlotte and Asuka have a lot of history, while Jax and Baszler only co-exsited because they were champions.

Let’s got the winners and losers;

Winner: Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks closes out the year as the champion, which is nothing less than she deserves. Banks has had a phenomenal year and to finish it with a strong performance and another successful title defence is great to see. Plus she got to fight Boba Fett and defend her championship in the same week, which is something that no one else will ever be able to say.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

A triumphant return, championship gold and WWE Grand Slam Champion all in one night is beyond impressive. Her time away has allowed her to recover and recharge at a time when she was dangerously overexposed. Her comeback brings a star quality that WWE and RAW’s women’s division has lacked since her departure.

Winner: Asuka

The Empress of Tomorrow now joins Becky Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks on the elite list of double champions. It was great end to the year for Asuka, who has for no fault of her own had a rather quiet last couple of months. Now we’re on the road to WrestleMania 37 and one can only guess her opponent is going to be.

Winner: Carmella

This performance at TLC was the best match of Carmella’s career. Her promo work in lead up to the event was equally impressive. She proved that she can peform at the highest level and silenced many if not all of her critics. If Carmella keeps this up then a championship run could be in store for the “Untouchable” one in 2021.

Winner: Billie Kay

Billie Kay is amazing and steals the show everytime she is on camrera no matter how brief. All of her segments as of late are hilarious and she is just a to watch.

Losers: Nia Jax

What now for the former champion? The tag titles were the only thing keeping her and Baszler together so there could be a breakup feud on the way but we saw that before the got together. The Lana situation remains unanswered but that was getting uncomfortable. It seems that Jax is at a bit of crossroads after this loss.

What did you make of the matches and the return of Charlotte? Let us know in the comments below.

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