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Women Of Honor Write-Up (September 13th, 2017): She’s Goin’ In WOH!

Diva-Dirt’s Women of Honor Write-Up enters it’s third edition, hopefully everyone is enjoying these write-ups. On this edition, we see Kelly Klein facing off against one of the newest Women of Honor, Brandi Rhodes at Altanta’s historic Centre Stage.

Kelly makes her way out first to the ring, and in a change of pace, has a microphone in hand. Kelly goes on to say that the Women of Honor have been getting some buzz recently. I’d like to say it’s because of these articles, but this match was pre-recorded, so that wouldn’t be true. I’ll still think it though! She informs everyone that she is ‘The Gatekeeper’, ‘Pretty Badass’ Kelly Klein, and she hasn’t been pinned or submitted. She also says she is STILL undefeated in Ring of Honor, which Karen Q would have arguing words about I’m sure. Kelly goes on to say whoever from ROH/WOH she is facing tonight, she will DESTROY them.

We then hear a familiar track that was once heard on a different mainstream promotion for a time. Next is some flashing yellow polka-dots and then the name, Brandi Rhodes appears on screen. Looks like she is using the Rhodes name after all, or maybe it’ll change back to Brandi again, who knows! Along with some pyro, she gets much love from her hometown crowd in Altanta, Georgia, one of the bigger reactions from recent WOH matches.

The match itself was surprisingly well done, considering Brandi’s level of experience, and this being her second match with ROH. Kelly Klein looked like the badass she calls herself. Showing viciousness with her powerhouse, strong-woman style, and also a bit of cockiness. Brandi also fought well, showing much fire and drive that got the crowd into her offence. Of course there was some mess-ups (the Missile Dropkick was funnier than it needed to be), but she’s still a work in process. There were a small crew of people who wanted Brandi to quit alongside Klein, but she wasn’t having it. Still, Brandi’s in-experience came back against her as a stiff knee to the head from The Gatekeeper sealed her fate. A pinfall later and Kelly Klein walks out victorious, gloating to Brandi’s hometown, friends and family.

After the match, Brandi got on the mic to talk about how a year ago, she would be in the ring in a lovely dress, announcing people to the ring. She’d go to the back, watching others compete, wanting to compete in the ring so bad, but never getting the chance. But because of everyone who encouraged her, came to see her, and Women of Honor.

She said it wasn’t the ‘End of the Match’ when she broke out off Kelly’s finisher of the same name. She also said that despite Klein thinking she was done with her, she was not done with The Gatekeeper. And she’s not done with Women of Honor. She’ll continue to compete for ROH, and not because her hubby, Cody (without the Rhodes) is the top champion. She did jokingly play up to the small amount of guys who chanted for him while she was talking. Like a, ‘Okay, get it out of your system’, moment, bless her she knows.

But while she fell in love with wrestling because of him, she’ll continue her journey. She’ll keep fighting, keep coming back, and if she gets a few loses along the way, that’s alright. And to take the best quote out of the whole video, if you read carefully to her words…

‘And hopefully, one day SOON… you guys will be happy to call me your champion.’ With that, the crowd reacted more out of shock as Brandi thanked them all and left for the back.

Thoughts: Like I already said, the match itself was decent considering the level of experience of Brandi. There was some mis-communication, especially with the Missile Dropkick, but again, Kelly worked well with her. Kelly was strong and intimidating as always, and was the perfect person to get Brandi some sympathy so early in her WOH journey. But I’m sure there’ll be SOME people in the comments who will disagree, and that’s fine. We can just agree to disagree with one another.

But biggest thing to take away from this whole match, in all honesty, were Brandi’s last words. Now obviously, you don’t need a championship title to be called a champion. You can still be a champion of the people and not have actually gold with you. And you can’t take the words of a new WOH star to heart. But with what else has happened as of late. New faces in the WOH Division, Kelly’s words about them getting more of a buzz, and Brandi’s words here? It can’t all be a coincidence, can it? Only time will tell. And hopefully, one day soon… we will get that answer.

But what are your thoughts on this edition of Women of Honor? How did you guys think of Brandi’s one-on-one debut in ROH? Think she can make it? And more importantly, do you guys see an official Women of Honor Championship being created in the near future? Let us know in the comments below!

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