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Wrestlemania Fantasy Face-Off: Layla vs Katie Lea

While WrestleMania’s 25 Diva battle royal might be a dream come true for some Diva fans, its a train wreck waiting to happen for most. What happened to the good ol’, one-on-one matchups. Well for the next few weeks leading up to WrestleMania, Diva Dirtwill be  bringing you the  Wrestlemania dream matches that we wish would happen or might even happen in the future. Welcome to WrestleMania Fantasy Face-Off!

Match 2: Layla vs. Katie Lea in a Royal Grudge Match

The Setup:

After William Regal picked up in huge win over CM Punk to win the Intercontinental Championship, Regal and Layla become the targets of several attacks by the ex-champ. Regal and Layla soon employ fellow countrymen, Paul and Katie Lea Burchill as bodyguards. For weeks, the incestuous duo manage to protect Raw royal couple from the straight edged superstar. While searching for Katie backstage for their tag match against Mickie James and Kelly Kelly, Layla happens across Katie and Regal flirting near catering. Layla creeps off, upset but unnoticed. After the tag match, Katie gets in Layla’s face for getting pinned. A huge catfight ensues and Regal and Paul have to intervene to separate the two Divas. The next week both ladies escort Regal to the ring for a non-title match-up with Kofi Kingston. They start fight once again at ringside. The distraction causes Regal to be pinned and lose the match. Backstage, an angry Regal demands that the British beauties settle their differences at ‘The Grandest Stage of  Them All’

The Outcome:

Katie and Layla come down to the ring, game faces on. Regal is at ringside sitting in his throne. The Divas put on a surprisingly brutal match. They fight tooth and nail and at one point, the action even spills into the crowd. Layla eventually picks up the upset via ‘The Layout’. Regal enters the ring, seemingly to congratulate his ‘lady friend’. Suddenly he grabs Layla and throws her down to the mat.

Layla looks up at Regal in disbelief as he helps Katie to her feet. He then engages her in a passionate kiss. Layla attacks the pair like a wildcat. She is soon pulled off of Katie by Regal, who holds her while Katie gets her licks in. It’s not looking good for Layla when Paul Burchill runs down to the ring for the save. He takes out Regal and has a stand-off with his little sister. She gets in his face, screaming: “What’s your problem?” Burchill stares her right in the eye right before he slaps the taste out of her mouth. A stunned Katie rolls out of the ring and retreats with Regal.

After being helped up by Burchill, Layla plants a gentle kiss on his lips and makes her exit, leaving him just as stunned as his sister. The two go on to feud with Regal and Katie, as well as forming an on-screen romance.

What do you think? Comment below and be sure to visit on ‘Mania Weekend for the final Fantasy Face-Off. Until next time.

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