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Wrestlicious Exclusive: Interview with White Magic (aka The Lovely Lacey)

We’re back with another Wrestlicious exclusive ahead of the series premiere of Wrestlicious TakeDown on Monday night. Our guest this time is a former ROH and SHIMMER star who was coaxed out of retirement to play the voodoo queen White Magic in Wrestlicious. You know her as The Lovely Lacey — not to be confused with Lacey Von Erich — but in Wrestlicious, she’s considered as one of the company’s star attractions. Sort of like an Undertaker or as Felony (her former tag partner, Rain) described her, sort of like The Boogeyman — a mysterious, captivating character that may not appear often but is always a sight to see.

Listen to the exclusive interview below:

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Wrestlicious TakeDown premieres on Monday, March 1st at 11pm ET on Mav TV in America and Bite TV in Canada. Episodes will also air on America One on Saturdays at 11.30pm ET. For syndication, check your local listings. Full length episodes of Wrestlicious will appear at www.bite.ca/wrestling the day after transmission.

Additional reporting by Melanie.

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