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Wrestlicious to be Featured in TLC Documentary

Cable network TLC will be featuring Wrestlicious, more specifically, owner Jay Vargas in a one hour documentary next Thursday.

The episode will be part of TLC’s ‘How the Lottery Changed My Life’ series. Vargas is, of course, a Powerball winner who used part of his winnings to fund Wrestlicious. Details below:

TLC’s “How The Lottery Changed My Life” presents an all new episode entitiled “Teenage Millionaire” featuring Wrestlicious Founder Jay Vargas on Thursday, October 21 at 9 PM ET with an encore at 11 PM ET.

Current Wrestlicious cast members Felony (Rain), Lunch Lady Gert (Lexi Fyfe), Emo Leigh (Leva Bates) Charlotte The Southern Belle (Amber O’Neal) and Rhonda The BeBop and new Season 2 cast members Angel Orsini and Amy Love are also featured in the one hour program. The episode was shot this past summer in Florida and South Carolina and follows Vargas as he works on pre production of the second season of his hit comedy wrestling series Wrestlicious TakeDown.

Thoughts: This is definitely a good look for Wrestlicious. To be featured in a documentary and given that extra exposure will hopefully help them. I’m excited to see a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Wrestlicious.

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