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Writers’ Choice Awards 2014: Match of the Year – Charlotte vs. Natalya, NXT TakeOver

Diva Dirt presents its fourth annual Writers’ Choice Awards, as decided by the Diva Dirt team. As we come to the end of 2014, we have picked the best of the best to be awarded our Writers’ Choice trophies.

Match of the Year: Charlotte vs. Natalya, NXT Takeover

Although there were a lot of close contenders, there was only one real choice. With their athleticism and emotion, Natalya and Charlotte created an instant classic. It was Flair vs. Hart for a new generation. The 2014 Match of the Year.

Once Paige defeated AJ Lee to become the Divas Champion, she was forced to vacate the NXT Women’s Championship. A tournament was created with a new champion to be crowned at NXT Takeover. Charlotte quickly advanced through the tournament, and although some fans were less than thrilled about the concept of main roster Divas such as Layla and Natalya being in a NXT Tournament, there was no doubt that Charlotte and Natalya would have a incredible match-up when Nattie advanced to the finals by defeating Charlotte’s then BFF, Sasha Banks.

With Charlotte’s father Ric Flair in her corner and Bret Hart in the corner of his niece, fans knew that emotion would be at an all-time high. Putting two generational divas against each other with a Hall of Fame family member in each of their respective corner? Fans had their expectations set pretty high. As high as our expectations were, Natalya and Charlotte completely surpassed them.


For Natalya, It was an opportunity to showcase her true ability in a match that lasted longer than the 3-5 minute matches we are so accustom to seeing on the main roster. Nattie used this opportunity to prove that she could follow in her family’s footsteps, and that she’s one of the greatest technical wrestlers on the WWE roster today, male or female. Showcasing incredible technical maneuvers like a step over dropkick, and leg-pulling abdominal stretch, and a devastating looking leg vine submission, Nattie proved that when given the proper time and opportunity, she could create absolute magic.

For Charlotte, it was a coming out party of sorts. It was the first time that we truly saw what she was capable of in the ring. Busting out new moves like a backpack stunner and a top rope moonsault, Charlotte proved that she wasn’t just going to follow in the footsteps of her Father’s legacy; she was going to create her own. Charlotte would even lock Natalya in her own Sharpshooter maneuver while Ric Flair and Bret Hart looked on in truly a moment where time stood still. Natalya would counter Charlotte, but Charlotte would be able to nail the then named Bow Down to the Queen for the win and to become the NXT Women’s Champion. As the generational Divas embraced, it was clear to fans around the world that we had just witnessed something special. Something that broke the rules we’ve been taught to believe of what a Divas match should look like. Charlotte and Natalya had not only created a classic that will be remembered for a long time to come, but forced naysayers to take a serious look at just what the Divas are capable of accomplishing inside the ring when given the opportunity to shine.

Stay tuned for more Writers’ Choice Award reveals throughout the day.

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