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WSU Announces April Hunter & Luna Vachon for 2011 Hall of Fame

WSU has officially announced the first two names to be inducted into its Hall of Fame, Class of 2011. April Hunter and the recently deceased Luna Vachon will be honored.

Read the press release below:

When WSU returns on 3/5/11 with our Four Year Anniversary show we will be inducting our third class into the WSU Hall of Fame. Already in the WSU Hall of Fame are Sherri Martel (2009), Missy Hyatt (2009), Malia Hosaka (2009), Dawn Marie (2010), Jazz (2010) and Molly Holly (2010).

WSU announced at our 11/6 event that Luna Vachon will be inducted into the WSU Hall of Fame on 3/5/11. Now, WSU is proud to announce that April Hunter will join Luna Vachon on 3/5/11 as a member of the 2011 WSU Hall of Fame Class.

April Hunter was a pioneer for womens wrestling in the northeast, winning virtually every womens championship & tournament there was to win from 2000-2007. Ironically, when April Hunter left the northeast area to pursue other opportunities, WSU was born. However, WSU recognizes Hunter’s hard work to make womens wrestling acceptable in the northeast area, allowing a company like WSU to take off.

It was the work of people like April Hunter that paved the way for a company like WSU, that is focused strictly on wrestling and exciting characters to take off. While April Hunter does not have a storied history with WSU, her accomplishments in the area that WSU promotes our events can not be ignored. It was the work of people like April Hunter that showed the wrestling community that womens wrestling in the northeast did not need to rely on sleaze and degrading women to be successful.

When people think of WSU, the names most commonly associated with the company are people like Mercedes Martinez, Angel Orsini, Alicia & others. However, it was the work of people like April Hunter before the creation of WSU that made fans give a serious womens wrestling company a chance.

Hunter will be live in person to accept this honor on 3/5/11.

More details to come after our 12/11 event, which you can find out full information on at or

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