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WSU News: Uncensored Rumble on DVD, Details for August 6th Show

Two new WSU pressers:


WSU Now Shipping “The Uncensored Rumble IV” on DVD at
– Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) is proud to announce that we are now shipping our brand new “Uncensored Rumble IV” DVDs. This is the iPPV that got rave reviews all over the internet. We have included links to those reviews at the end of this release for anyone on the fence about ordering.
There are two versions of this DVD. In the “iPPV Cut” you will watch the iPPV how it aired on live iPPV. In the “Deluxe” version, you will get a cleaned up/remastered edition. The Deluxe Edition also includes the Cindy Rogers post-show retirement ceremony as well as never-seen-before backstage footage.
Both these titles are available now at
To order the iPPV cut of the Uncensored Rumble check out this link:
Cover Art:
***Don’t forget WSU returns to live action on 8/6. Complete details at***
Fourth Annual Uncensored RumbleWSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs 2011 J-Cup Winner Brittney Savage

First Time Ever
Nikki Roxx vs Serena Deeb

Uncensored Rules Match
Alicia vs Jessicka Havok

WSU Spirit Title Match
(c) Sassy Stephanie vs Rain

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus) vs Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle

Retirement Match
Cindy Rogers vs Allison Danger

Kristin Astara vs Jillian Hall

Niya vs Barbie

The Fourth Annual 8-Woman Elimination Tag Match
“Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee & Jamilia Craft & Jana & Nikki Styx vs Allisyn Kay & Rick Cataldo & Monique & Jennifer Cruz[/notice]

And a presser on the 8/6 event:

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) Returns With a Special Double DVD Taping on August 6th
WHAT: Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) DOUBLE DVD Taping, Two Shows For One Ticket!
WHEN: Saturday, August 6th
WHERE: The ACE Arena, located at 725 Sip Street in Union City, NJ
BELLTIME: Meet & Greet From 4pm-5pm, Show starts at 6PM
TICKET INFORMATION: $20 in advance, $25 the day of the show. The ticket allows you entry to the meet & greet and guarantees you a seat both shows.
For more information, email [email protected] or visit
WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez  vs WSU Tag Champion & Uncensored Rumble IV Winner Lexus
(Taping 1 Main Event)
Last Woman Standing
Person To Knock Their Opponent Out For a Standing 10 Count Will Be Deemed The Winner
Winner Will Receive a WSU World Title Match
(Taping 2 Main Event)
Alicia vs Jessicka Havok
WSU Spirit Title Match
WSU Tag Champion Amber vs (c) Sassy Stephanie
#1 Contender 4-Corner Elimination Match for the Spirit Title
Winner Will Challenge For the Spirit Title On The 2nd Taping
Niya vs Allisyn Kay vs Tina San Antonio vs Marti Belle
Annie Social vs Serena
Amy Lee vs Brittney Savage
The Soul Sisters vs Monique & Jennifer Cruz w/Rick Cataldo
Rain vs Roxxie Cotton
Barbie vs Nikki Styx
Plus: Many more appearing & a full show based on results of taping 1!
Following the heels of our most watched & purchased iPPV to date, “The Uncensored Rumble IV”, some rivalries ended when some just begun. New stars started to emerge, while we said goodbye to old stars, such as the retiring Cindy Rogers. The Uncensored Rumble IV DVD, both in its iPPV edition & Deluxe edition will go on sale tomorrow at
At the Uncensored Rumble, Lexus made history by shocking the womens wrestling world by entering at number 1 and outlasting the WSU roster to win the whole rumble, lastly eliminating Serena. As a result, a Boston/NY rivalry has emerged, as Lexus will cash in her Uncensored Rumble win by challenging the longest reigning & defending champion in all of womens wrestling today, Mercedes Martinez. Martinez has beaten virtually a who’s who of womens wrestling during her historic reign as champion. Lexus is on her way up in the world of professional wrestling and has shown flashes of brilliance. Lexus will go into this match as the underdog against the premier wrestler and champion in wrestling today when she challenges Martinez. For Lexus, this is a chance to prove to the world that she can hang with the best. For Martinez, this is another match where she will have to bring her best, as her challengers always bring their A games. There  are no off nights for Martinez and one must wonder when her grueling schedule, making 44 title defenses in 31 months will catch up to her.
The most talked about match & personal rivalry in all of WSU right now is Jesssicka Havok vs Alicia. Both these women stole the show at the Uncensored Rumble IV iPPV. Following up a previous match which was ruled a double DQ due to the brutality, the two had a rematch at the Rumble, which was considered one of the wildest and hardest hitting brawls in WSU history. The violence dished out in this match was not for weak stomachs. The match ended when Alicia’s mother threw in the towel, as Havok strangled the life out of Alicia with a chain. Alicia never tapped out, but the ref awarded the match to Havok by ref stoppage. Now these two will wrestle in a Last Woman Standing match. One person will have to win this match by knocking their opponent out for a 10 count.
To raise the stakes a bit, WSU officials have decided that the winner of this match will be next in line for a WSU World Championship match.
WSU does not want to mislead fans. Alicia & Havok will only be competing once during the double DVD taping and it will be in this match. After watching their previous two matches, WSU wants to make sure both women are 100% fresh for the “Alicia vs Havok III” DVD taping.
Annie Social returned to WSU on 8/6 making a surprise entry in the Uncensored Rumble. Social cleaned up old WSU business by eliminating her former partner-turned-rival, Rick Cataldo from the Rumble. Social’s other former partner in WSU, Roxxie Cotton will be joining Social in returning to WSU on 8/6. Both have improved tremendously since their time away from WSU, working for various promotions in Japan and honing their craft. WSU, which featured Social & Cotton prominently in the past, as the duo were the first ever WSU Tag Team Champions as “The Beatdown Betties” are interested in what these two can bring to the current WSU roster. Both have been placed in major matches for 8/6.
Social will test her mettle against former number 1 contender Serena Deeb. Deeb has defeated the likes of Alicia, Jazz, Portia Perez, Traci Brooks & Nikki Roxx during her WSU tenure. Serena wants to get back to another WSU World Championship match. Another former number 1 contender, Rain also wants to get back into WSU World Title contention. She will get her chance to move up in the rankings when she takes on the returning Roxxie Cotton. Both matches will be watched and will affect the WSU World Title rankings which you can follow at For Serena & Rain, who wrestled Martinez in fantastic matches, these are key bouts to prove they deserve World Title matches. For Social & Cotton, these are the most important matches in their WSU career as they try to show everyone that they are ready to mix it up with the very best and top quality championship criteria athletes.
The WSU Spirit title, created in August of 2009 will turn 2 years old. Champion Sassy Stephanie, embarking on her fifth month as WSU Spirit Champion hopes to be celebrating with the belt at the end of 8/6. Stephanie, who was eliminated by WSU tag champion Amber in the Uncensored Rumble has accepted Amber’s challenge. The WSU Tag Champions, The Boston Shore, Lexus & Amber, are looking to become World & Spirit Champions respectively and dominate every title in WSU. We have seen other groups try to wrest every championship in WSU, but for the Shore it could be a reality on 8/6. WSU has already told the Boston Shore that if they are to win singles gold on 8/6, they will be expected to make all scheduled WSU tag team title defenses.
However, for Amber and Stephanie, to leave 8/6 as Spirit Champion, they will have to get past one more opponent. WSU has signed Niya vs Allisyn Kay vs Tina San Antonio vs Marti Belle in a four corner elimination match, with the winner getting a Spirit Championship shot on the second taping. Niya, in her sophomore year of WSU has shown promise that she can hang, but now is the time for her to step up to the plate. This will be her biggest opportunity yet. Allisyn Kay, Jessicka Havok’s protege, was dominant at the Uncensored Rumble iPPV, tossing people left and right out of the Rumble. With Havok wanting the world title, can Kay & Havok do what the Boston Shore are trying to accomplish?
The story of the Belle Saints has been shaky as of late. Ever since Tina San Antonio went out with an injury on 3/5, things have changed for the Saints. For starters, officials and San Antonio have not found out who was behind San Antonio’s attack. WSU can rule out Marti Belle as an attacker, as Marti Belle was doing publicity for WSU’s TV show during the time of Tina’s attack. When Jazz entered the mix, replacing Tina, Tina felt left out. The Saints would go on to lose the WSU tag team championships, as well as lose a rematch to the Boston Shore. In both matches Marti Belle was pinned, frustrating Ms. Antonio. In the rumble match, Tina made a point to show that the Saints were on the same page, saving Marti from being eliminated in several spots. However, when Tina was eliminated, Tina felt Marti didn’t have her back, which distracted Marti, causing Marti’s elimination.
WSU feels that the Saints as individuals and as former tag champions deserve a chance to shine individually. One of them could wind up being Spirit Champion after 8/6. Both Saints admit that they have had troubles in recent months, and while frustration has set in, both are committed to regaining the WSU Tag Team titles and to their friendship.
Brittney Savage, fresh off of main eventing her first iPPV, when she challenged Mercedes Martinez for the WSU World Title in a phenomenal match, has unfinished business with former Cosmo Club member Amy Lee. Savage did defeat all her ex-Cosmo Club running mates at the J-Cup, but never did square off with former member Amy Lee.  There is bad blood between these two, and it will be settled in a classic Uncensored Rules match on 8/6. Amy Lee requested this stipulation, telling WSU, “I don’t have many matches left in me, but the matches I have left are going to be matches I want, and I want that douchebag Brittney Savage in an Uncensored Rules match so I can’t be disqualified for the things I’m going to do her.”
While Savage did come up short in winning the WSU World Title, Savage has been on the rise as of late. Savage, who went from WSU rookie to now a former Tag Champion, a former 3 time Spirit Champion and this year’s J-Cup winner, will challenge the woman with the baddest reputation in all of WSU, a former Uncensored Rumble winner & a former tag champion herself, Amy Lee. This match won’t be pretty but the result will be crucial for WSU World Title Rankings and for the satisfaction of these two women.
Also taking place on the first DVD taping are the Soul Sisters taking on a revived duo in WSU, Monique & Jennifer Cruz with their new manager Rick Cataldo. Cataldo has been looking for new charges ever since Savage ended the Cosmo Club. Cataldo forged an Alliance with Monique during WSU’s tournament weekend in April. Cataldo has asked Jennifer Cruz to join up with him, as Cataldo sold Cruz that both are underappreciated by WSU fans. This has the makings of one of the weirdest pairings in WSU, but it could be one of the most successful. The winner of this tag team match will be considered number 1 contenders to the WSU Tag Team Championships.
New comer Nikki Styx will take on a person who was on WSU’s first show in March of 2007, Barbie. Barbie recently returned to WSU and is looking to make a name for herself. Styx, a rookie, will be allowed to showcase what she has against this savvy ring veteran. The winner of this match will be considered for future WSU Spirit Championship title matches.
Make sure to show your support for the hardest working women in professional wrestling today on 8/6 for two huge shows for only 1 low price!
For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) – home of WSU’s “Uncensored” TV program.[/notice]

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