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WSU Original Severs Ties with Company, ‘Sick to Stomach’ with New Direction

alicia-wsuWomen Superstars Uncensored star Alicia, who was the company’s very first champion, has severed ties with the company and expressed her frustration at the direction of the promotion following its change in management (the company was sold by original owner Sean McCaffrey after five years to Beyond Wrestling’s owners).

Alicia sent out a flurry of tweets declaring that the promotion is in “decline” and also claims other WSU regulars have followed her in leaving the company.

The drama seems to stem from WSU responding to a fan on Twitter saying, “Not happening”, when suggesting Alicia should be on the promotion’s upcoming show.

Alicia wrote:

If you know know i’m not afraid to say what I think. And on this issue i’ve been quiet for too long….. Funny how companies I gave blood, sweat, and tears for go under new management and all of a sudden the promoters don’t know how to act. Since 2007 I was ride or die for WSU.. First ever WSU champion, The first woman to hold every championship, Wrestling 7 times in 100 degrees. And I did every single thing for my love of the company and it’s fans. WSU was at the top of it’s game, bringing the best talent in from all over the country and putting on one hell of a show. Now look at it.. Less than 6 months after it’s been sold WSU goes from top female talent with 15+ shows a year to TWO intergender shows with 1/2 the roster. No more iPPV because they can’t work the “kinks” out? No more on the road? Getting rid of girls that charge more than $25? This is progress? I remember when WSU was a force now they run twice a year with no gimmick shows like an anniversary show or HOF. It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach how WSU has turned the corner and it is NOT from lack of effort from the girls (some of the best). It’s decline is completely based on a promoter that doesn’t understand what the WSU fans and wrestlers all loved. And it’s a damn shame. Get prepared for the unprofessional tweets from @WSUWrestling bashing me and anyone else who isn’t with their new “movement”. But I want each and every one of you to know I love and appreciate ALL of your support!!!!! WSU gave me the BEST fans in the whole world. It was an amazing run with WSU from 2007 – 2012 but i’m out.

In later tweets, Alicia also claimed that other WSU stars including Brittney Savage, Rain and Leva Bates have also left the promotion.

The former WSU Champion appeared to hint that former WSU owner Sean McCaffrey may be starting up a new promotion, claiming that his “no compete clause ends in 4 months”.

At this time, WSU has yet to respond to Alicia’s open letter.

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