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WSU Tag Team Champion Injured, May Miss 4th Anniversary iPPV Next Weekend

One half of the WSU Tag Team Champions, Tina San Antonio has suffered an injury and may miss next weekend’s fourth anniversary iPPV where she and Marti Belle are due to defend the titles in a three-way match.

Details below:

WSU Tag Champion Tina San Antonio twisted her ankle & tore a ligament last night by slipping on a wet staircase. Her doctor told her not to put weight on it for 2-3 weeks. As a result, it looks like Tina may not be able to wrestle on 3/5 at WSU’s Four Year Anniversary Show iPPV event on WSU has told Tina to take the show off & recoup, rather than worsening the injury and affecting her other bookings.

Tina is going for a 2nd opinion on Tuesday. As of right now, it looks like Tina will now miss the 3/5 show. WSU will have more on her injury on our upcoming UNCENSORED TV show which will be out tomorrow. WSU will make a decision on how to handle the upcoming “Fans Bring the Weapons” Uncensored Rules Three Way Dance match for the WSU Tag Team titles that Tina was scheduled to be in, and defend her WSU Tag Titles in. WSU does not like false advertising, which is why we are putting this news update out now. WSU is going to wait to hear from Tina on Tuesday once she gets her second opinion. However it does not look good that Tina will be able to compete on 3/5 and we wanted to give fans advanced notice.

Thoughts: It sucks to see anyone injured so close to the show, especially since this match has been in the works for quite some time. Hopefully the company will be able to come up with a solution. Get well soon, Tina!

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