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Latest Posts Looks at Maxine’s Return to NXT has a feature article about Maxine‘s recent return to NXT.

The former Season 3 rookie has aligned herself with Derek Bateman in a feud with AJ and Hornswoggle.

The article says:

Maxine is back, and apparently she’s a woman on an important mission. But what exactly does this vengeful, fiery former NXT Rookie Diva from Season 3 have in mind for WWE NXT Redemption?

During week 24 of competition, Maxine made a shocking return to Tuesday nights, viciously attacking a vulnerable A.J. from behind moments after A.J.’s beau, Hornswoggle, and Titus O’Neil were taunted out of the ring by Derrick Bateman. Following the attack, Bateman revealed that Maxine was his new girlfriend and “soulmate.”

On her feud with AJ:

When she’s not trying to help Bateman become WWE’s next breakout star, what more can Maxine possibly do to torment A.J.? Make fun of her green Skittles and candy ring exchange with Hornswoggle? Or maybe she’ll pick on the diminutive size of A.J’s boyfriend? The spunky Diva isn’t one to back down from a challenge, and it’s only a matter of time before she takes the fight back to her wicked adversary. For the moment, though, the advantage is all Maxine’s.

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