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WWE Day 1 Preview & Predictions: 01.01.22

The first wrestling PPV of the new year is upon us and the aptly named Day 1 has just one women’s match on the card at the time of this writing.

Becky Lynch defends her RAW Women’s Championship against Liv Morgan in a rematch from their Monday Night RAW match, in which Big Time Becks cheated to win.

Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan at WWE Day 1
Becky Lynch & Liv Morgan confront each other on RAW

The long-running rivalry is a highlight of RAW featuring controversial promos, Angry Liv Morgan & Becky Lynch Girls, vicious attacks, and physical beatdowns.

The feud between the two began in November, but Morgan’s quest for gold and to be taken more seriously as a wrestler is a lifelong mission for the New Jersey native.

Since having to go out on her own after WWE released her former Riott Squad stablemates Sarah Logan (Rowe) and Ruby Riott (Soho), Morgan has had to find every way to shine bright solo.

Fan support has grown for Morgan as her drive and determination to improve is clear for all to see. After being unsuccessful in opportunities like MITB and the Queen’s Crown Tournament her big chance finally came when she won a Fatal Five-Way match to earn that ever-invasive title shot.

Lynch instantly dismissed her as a serious challenger, which has been the focus of their feud with Morgan striving to prove her wrong every step of the way. To prove how much of a leader she could be (which is important when champion of a division), she led a team to victory (Team Liv) against a team led by Lynch (Team Becks) the Monday before her first title shot.

Morgan received her title match on the December 6th edition RAW but after a strong challenge fell to a rope-assisted roll-up.

The rematch was made after Morgan challenged Lynch once again. Lynch berated her then smashed her arm in the steel steps before accepting the challenge at Day 1.


John: The obvious and logical choice here is Becky Lynch but WWE’s reluctance to take the title from her in the past wound up hurting her booking in 2019/2020. Therefore, would they take a chance to freshen things up and put the championship on Morgan, even if it is only for a short time?

I’d like to say yes but unfortunately, WWE love to get in their own way so fully expect to see Lynch retain leaving Morgan waiting for her first title win for a while longer.

Nick: I am so invested in Liv Morgan becoming RAW Women’s Champion but with the Royal Rumble coming next, could we see Morgan taking the same route as Bianca Belair did in 2021?

I think based on prior booking decisions of copy and paste, Lynch will cheat once again to win as she has so frequently in the past to retain.

What do you make our WWE Day 1 predictions? Let us know and add yours in the comments below.

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