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WWE Draft – Who Goes Where?

The WWE Draft will be taking place over two nights starting on Friday, Oct. 11 on SmackDown and the following Monday, Oct. 14. on RAW. The draft comes as the brand split takes full effect with RAW on USA and SmackDown now on FOX.

SmackDown getting the first pick is proving that they are being pushed forward as the “A” show.

This network split means that there will now be two separate rosters on two separate shows and not the recent nonsensical brand split/wild-card rule incarnation. The way things seem to be falling, RAW will remain to be the flagship show and the more “WWE Sports Entertainment” style product, whereas SmackDown, especially being on FOX, seems to be directed more towards the “legitimate” sporting contest.

With that being said who will end up where? Here are our (most logical) picks

Becky Lynch to SmackDown

The Raw Women’s Champion (until Hell In The Cell at least) has been at the epicenter of WWE’s and FOX’s marketing and promotion for the SmackDown premiere. The move to FOX has led many to look upon SmackDown as the new “A show” and Lynch is the mega-star that the show must have to make it feel as much.

Lynch kicked-off the FOX premiere and stood side-by-side with The Rock as they dealt with Baron Corbin to start the new era to an emphatic start. Lynch has now had the rub from three of the WWE’s biggest stars in its history, John Cena, Stone Cold, and the aforementioned Rock, that just goes to show how much stock the WWE and the FOX network has in The Man. Becky Lynch to SmackDown is just a no-brainer.

Sasha BanksRAW

The Boss’ return to WWE came at just the right time. Her feud with Becky Lynch has rejuvenated both competitors and the Women’s division as a whole. Lynch and Banks are to meet in the Hell In The Cell for the Raw Women’s Championship and when victorious (IMO) the Legit Boss will be riding into Raw as both the Raw Women’s Champion and number one draft pick.

Bayley to RAW

Bayley has been great since “turning heel” by showing her loyalty to her friend Sasha Banks and the duo need to stay together. One because of the impact they will bring to the Raw Women’s division and two because of the amazing feud we know they can all have over the championship in the future.


The Queen will be sticking with the blue brand as the 10-time Women’s Champion, after defeating Bayley at HITC. Wrestling royalty that FOX will want as the SmackDown Women’s Champion and the ensuing feud with Becky Lynch is far too good to pass up on.

Alexa BlissRAW

As one half of the Women’s Tag-Team Champions, Bliss has “turned face” in the unlikely friendship with Nikk Cross and the eventual double-cross could be interesting. The Goddess back in the Women’s title picture is a must.

It just makes sense to keep her on RAW at the moment then move her.

Carmella to RAW

After months of being R-Truth’s side-kick, Carmella has added the 24/7 Championship to her long list of lofty accomplishments. More recently we have seen ‘Mella, take part in some decent matches reminding us of what she can do in the ring and a feud with Sasha Banks would definitely one to watch in the future.

She can definitely hold her own on the mic, and this may benefit the RAW brand moving forward.

Credit: WWE

Nikki CrossRAW

As the other half of the Women’s Tag-Team Champions, Nikki is vital in Alexa Bliss storyline. Cross, seemingly lost at the beginning found a great partner to work within Bliss, and their interactions have been comedic gold. She would benefit from a babyface or heel run against Bliss that would give her a boost toward a singles title.

Lacy Evans – RAW

Despite some shortcomings in the ring, Evans continues to thrive as an on-screen character. Her feud with Natalya is to tighten up the aforementioned shortcomings and maybe even a team-up with the veteran for tag-team title run will be on the cards. Evans definitely feels like an RAW-style character and therefore sticking with RAW will be the best place for her to hone her craft.

She came to the main roster right as the wild card rule was being announced. She has bounced between RAW and SmackDown for months. It makes the most sense for her home to stay on RAW.


If there is one person who needs the brand split and draft it is The Empress of Tomorrow. Her long overdue SmackDown title run was cut short for the WrestleMania main event and her tag-team run with Kairi Sane as the Kabuki Warriors has just been plain exasperating. Asuka needs to get being the dominating and legit badass she truly is, and the best for that would most definitely be SmackDown.

Kairi Sane – SmackDown

As above. Kairi is far too good to be wallowing in obscurity. She needs a refresh and a purpose to show the Joshi hard-hitter really she is. Staying on SmackDown makes the most sense for her, but becoming a singles competitor makes the most sense moving forward. There may not be a whole lot of tag teams for the women, but throwing her and Asuka together hasn’t exactly paid off.

Mandy Rose to RAW

Rose fits the style of RAW it’s confusing as to why she has been on SmackDown. Seemingly, Rose picked up the Eva Marie/Emmalina gimmick, yet she had committed to it fully. Her looks make her a standout performer but her in-ring talent has proved she is and can be a major player in the near future.

Photo Credit:
Credit: WWE

Sonya Deville – SmackDown

A split from Fire & Desire would do Deville a massive favour. A legit badass, she is also the first open lesbian superstar, she could and will do wonders staying with the SmackDown platform. It may be just the time for her to shine on her own instead of being seen as a second fiddle to Mandy.

Natalya – RAW

Veteran Natalya is vital to improving the lower section of the women’s division. Her talent and influence in and out of the ring are beyond beneficial. Natalya is now way more suited as a teacher, coach and mentor, than a competitor. Staying on RAW could help newer Superstars such as a Lacey Evans or Mandy Rose benefit from her guidance.

Natalya could and should be the gate-keeper to the next level for all of the female talents on the lower card level and RAW is the better place for her to do so.

Naomi to SmackDown

After a long absence Naomi updated us as to what is happening in her personal life. A return to the blue brand would give her the welcome she needs.

The IIconics – SmackDown

Loads to fun, loads of untapped talent, Royce and Kay are television gold and would bring a special element to the women’s division as wrestling has to be entertaining after all and the Aussie duo can certainly deliver.

There isn’t much need to move them from where they currently are or even separate them. They need to stick together and bring more prominence to the lackluster tag team division.

Well, that’s our picks of where we think people will land. What to do you think of our picks? Who do you think will be red or blue? Do you think that NXT will take part of the draft at all? Let us know below.

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