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WWE House Show Rundown: Results from August 5th-7th, 2011

Having trouble keeping up with all of the mainstream women’s wrestling that takes place off TV? Well fear no more! Diva Dirt has got your back with the House Show Roundown! Without any further ado, let’s kick things off!

This weekend’s loop represented both Raw and SmackDown separately, as well as together for a supershow. On the Raw side of things, Divas Champion Kelly Kelly took on her top contender, Beth Phoenix, and SmackDown saw AJ battle against the Diva who turned her back on the resident Geek Goddess, Natalya. For the supershow, fans saw AJ host the event, leading to a tag match with Beth & Natalya against Kelly and Eve.

Full results below:

Friday August 5th

WWE Raw in Salt Lake City, Utah
WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly def. Beth Phoenix
“Eve then came out as the hostess for the night and was going to talk about a contest in the arena when Beth Phoenix came out. Beth said they may be friends but she wants the Diva’s Championship and told Eve to get out of her ring. Kelly Kelly then ran out and the Diva’s Title match started. Match started with the usual Kelly offense of a Thesz press, punches, the spinning head scissors, and the stinkface. Beth got fired up and started to pummel Kelly, using her own version of a stinkface, and dominated for about four minutes. After an over the shoulder backbreaker by Beth, Kelly rolled through with a schoolgirl cradle and got the win.” (Source)

Saturday August 6th

WWE Raw in Fresno, California
WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly def. Beth Phoenix (Source)

WWE SmackDown in Boise, Idaho
AJ def. Natalya
“After some domination by Natalya, AJ picked up the win while Natalya was distracted.” (Source)

Sunday August 7th

WWE Supershow in Stockton, California
Kelly Kelly & Eve def. Beth Phoenix & Natalya
“The Diva guest host is announced and it is AJ. She was about to host a dance contest but is interrupted by Beth Phoenix and Natayla. Beth Phoenix cuts a promo about the age of the model diva in the WWE is over and Beth and Natalya are the future of the ROLE Model diva. They are about to take out AJ but Kelly Kelly and Eve come out to make the save.” (Source)

Thoughts: The promo Beth & Natalya cut looks pretty interesting & telling of what might be to come. For years a number of people have criticized the WWE’s hiring policy, and I think it would be pretty interesting to have two characters portray the same feeling on screen against the ‘models’. I hope the beef between Kelly and Beth/Natalya extends for a long time because this could be a pretty great storyline if they go the route shown on the house show this weekend.

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