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WWE House Show Rundown: Results from June 3rd – June 5th, 2011

Having trouble keeping up with all of the mainstream women’s wrestling that takes place off TV? Well fear no more! Diva Dirt has got your back with the House Show Rundown, compiling the results from the weekend’s house shows!

This weekend was solely about the Raw girls, as all SmackDown live events were cancelled for reasons not known. The fans on each show were treated to similar Divas tag team matches as last week, only this time, Kelly Kelly was replaced by the woman of a thousand solved Rubik’s cubes, Eve Torres. Eve teamed up with the rarely seen, Beth Phoenix, to take on the team of Divas Champion, Brie Bella, as well as her sister Nikki. Let’s see how these matches went down…

Friday, June 3rd

WWE Raw in Huntsville, Alabama

Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix def. The Bella Twins. (Source)

Saturday, June 4th

WWE Raw in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres def. The Bella Twins (Source)

Sunday, June 5th

WWE Raw in Charlottesville, Virginia

Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres def. The Bella Twins
“The Bella Twins were defeated by Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. Some nice spots here and the Bellas looked good in the ring…they might be shaping up.” (Source)

Thoughts: Not the most detailed results for the most part, but nonetheless, it’s cool to see Beth and Eve getting to appear more since Kelly is the primarily focused face on Monday nights. It also looks like maybe a few more people are starting to see what I personally have said since their debut: The Bella Twins are solid in ring competitors. It’ll be interesting to see if this added house show exposure could perhaps allow WWE to use Beth tonight for the main show, we can certainly hope so!

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