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WWE Main Event Redux (December 25th, 2013): Nice Prevails Over Naughty

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. Apologies for the lateness of this Redux yet something happened over the last few days called Christmas. Not sure if anyone’s heard of it. It’s not really a big deal. No fuss over it at all…. Anyway, this week’s Main Event match was thankfully tons better than the “Jingle Belles” match on Raw. Just caught up with that too and whilst some parts were ok, what was the group linking spinning clothesline all about? So weird…

Taking part in this Six Diva tag team match was Brie and Nikki Bella, who teamed with Natalya to take on WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka and Aksana. I can’t create any tension whatsoever because of the beautifully themed title I chose for the Redux this week so let’s get right into the festivities!


Out first this week are our naughty Divas, who will all presumably be receiving coal this Christmas. I was thinking of sending Tamina a new leather waistcoat yet I figured like always, she wouldn’t get the wear out of it. She never bloody wears the ones she’s got; it’s always thrown on the floor! Out next are the nice Divas, The Bella Twins and Natalya. Again, I was thinking of sending Nattie a gift, perhaps some medicine for a weak bladder but somehow, I don’t think she’ll appreciate the help…

The bell sounds and AJ and Brie kick things off. The girls grapple with AJ getting the better of the exchange as she powers Brie towards the ropes. AJ gets cocky and Brie makes the most of this, kicking the champ in the gut before applying a wristlock. AJ retaliates by stomping on Brie’s foot before using a wristlock of her own. Brie uses the top rope to backflip out of the lock, which she does successfully before hitting a fireman’s carry takeover which she transitions into an armbar. AJ hits back by applying a headscissors yet Brie nips up (sort of) and gets out. Brie grabs AJ for a side headlock and Nikki blind tags in when Brie is forced back on the ropes. Brie trips AJ allowing Nikki to hit a dropkick right to AJ’s kisser. AJ scrambles back to her corner and tags in Aksana.

Aksana does some strange taunts before Nikki kicks her up the rear end and tags in Natalya. The Canadian Sensation hits a gorgeous bridging pin for a two count before performing her sit-out scoop slam which always looks crisp. After a near fall, Aksana gets whipped against the ropes but she grabs them to stop herself from running into more trouble and she tags Tamina.

Tamina starts off shaky as Nattie locks in a side headlock yet Tamina’s wheels start to turn as she throws Natalya off of her and delivers some tough kicks in the corner. Nattie counters a move in the corner following an Irish whip yet after a distraction from AJ, Tamina becomes in clear control as she flattens Nat with a devastating Samoan drop. Tamina rips the bobble from her hair and throws down her leather to show that she means business, yet in doing so, she only gets a two count when she goes for the pin. After some knees to the kidneys, Tamina tags in AJ, who skips around before getting a one count. AJ hits a neckbreaker aswell before tagging in Aksana.

Aksana whacks Natalya around a bit before hitting a unique single leg crab. Natalya manages to counter it as Aksana’s positioning is not as good as it could be yet Aksana stops Natalya from making a tag with a move that is the bane of my life, a double axe handle. Why do people do it honestly? It looks terrible. Aksana tags Tamina back in, who hits a suplex. The ‘Leather Lover’ then knees Nattie four times before Natalya tries her best to get free and get her breath back. Tamina shoves Natalya into the corner, winding her some more. Tamina charges at Nattie but the latter manages to move out of the way and tag in an incredibly fresh Nikki Bella!

Nikki steamrolls in and decks Tamina with a clothesline. She hits an elbow and a lightning quick hurricanrana that has Tamina rocking! Tamina gets bashed around some more with a dropkick, corner clothesline, a pair of boots to the face and a bulldog – a list Tamina definitely didn’t ask Santa for! AJ breaks up the cover and gets Bella busted by Brie, who then gets Divo dropped by Aksana. Thankfully for Brie, unlike Survivor Series, she’s not the legal woman, so she won’t have to suffer the embarrassment of being pinned by Aksana yet again. Natalya comes into the fray and hits her discus clothesline on Aksana and then Tamina demolishes Tal with a massive big boot. Tamina clearly forgot who was legal though as she is completely oblivious to the presence of Nikki, who rolls her up for the three count!

Thoughts: When you give the Divas time, Christmas miracles happen! This match was not the greatest Diva match ever yet it was fluid, everyone had great chemistry and I was entertained throughout. The worst part of the match for me was honestly AJ’s performance. Her in-ring work is so stale to me right now and she didn’t do a lot on this match. I understand that Tamina is meant to do all of AJ’s dirty work for her yet I still wish AJ would make more of an impact when she does wrestle. We all know that she has unlimited charisma yet she’s been diluted so much recently and I hope that 2014 can reinvigorate her.

So after seeing Nikki pick up the win, is Mrs John Cena next in-line for a shot? Time will tell! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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