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WWE Main Event Redux (February 5th, 2015): It’s Not Summertime

What’s up, lads and ladies? I’ve had a pretty killer two weeks, travelling up and down England so catch up with friends, and lucky me had the opportunity to finally meet my fellow DDer Jack in the flesh! We went to the TNA show in Manchester last week, which was INCREDIBLE. We saw Kong and met Dixie Carter. Unreal.

Onto this week’s Main Event. Queen Nikki Bella accompanied her BFF and twin sister, Brie Bella, as Brie took on Summer Rae. Noticeably absent is Summer Rae’s BFF, Layla. Last we heard from her, she’d had some sort of personal surgery. We wish her all the best in whatever’s going on and hope to see her back soon!

Brie is out first with Divas champ, Nikki, in tow. Nikki’s shoes are already the MVP of this match. I’m not too sure what’s going on with Brie at the moment; was her huge run as a face just dropped in favour of having her be Nikki’s shadow? Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bellas. But surely this isn’t all we’re getting from their feud from last year? If I was a betting girl I’d say that Brie is biding her time, and will turn on Nikki at Fastlane, prompting a title match between them at Wrestlemania. Luckily I’m not a betting girl, because I’d probably lose.

Summer heads out next and Brie looks so over her.

The ladies lock up and Brie tosses Summer back. Brie gets in a shot to the back of the head then, but gets too cocky and winds up on the receiving end of a DDT and a beatdown. Brie fights her way out and delivers a drop kick to the side of Summer’s head, earning her a one count. Summer comes out swinging, but Brie counters and lands a missile drop kick. Another failed pin attempt, and Brie turns it into a punishing half crab hold.

Brie heads to the outside and works Summer’s leg on the apron, but as she heads back between the ropes Summer ctahces her with a nasty kick to the side of the head. Summer lines up the roundhouse kick coming out of the corner, but Brie catches her leg and delivers the Bella Buster with some added oomph.

Thoughts: Obviously a short match and it seemed to serve only the fact that Brie needs to look dominant. But for what? Are we heading into another Bella feud to put a definitive end to the last one, or is this designed to solidify both the Bellas as running the division now? Let’s be honest, they are. Paige might be the fan favourite, but she doesn’t have the title right now and she’s also not been around as long. I’m excited to see where things go from here, and hopefully we’ll get some stellar wrestling out of the Bella/Paige feud!

Until next time! x

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