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WWE Main Event Redux (July 8th, 2014): Naomi & Nattie Look but Don’t Touch as Nikki Takes a Beating

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. Stephanie McMahon’s status as a Boss Bitch is being demonstrated fully on this week’s show as she has forced Nikki Bella to face the rest of the cast of Total Divas in a 6-on-1 Handicap match. Yikes! Will the Bustier Bella manage to bust her way out of this precarious predicament or will six against one prove too strong?


“You can look but you can’t touch. You keep dreaming on the stars above!”

Nikki Bella’s living hell is continuing and she’ll definitely be praying to the Gods above that her torment will stop soon. I tried to make a joke referring to her entrance theme during that last sentence, yet ‘dreaming on the stars above’? I still have no idea what that means. Think the lyricist clearly meant wishing on the stars. I digress…

Nikki is first out this week and HOLY EPILEPSY, Nikki is rocking her fluorescent lime attire again! She is all smiles in her entrance and then after a Payback recap, she’s looking more upset than Emma in the self-service area at Walmart. Finally remembering she was meant to act upset perhaps?

Nikki’s foes/friends enter next and Naomi is out first. She’s still being billed from Planet Funk and this makes me sad. IT’S NOT A REAL PLACE! STOP! Anywho… Natalya enters the arena next and she remembered to act upset. Good going Tal. The heels(?) of the team enter next as Eva Marie, Summer Rae and Rosa Mendes get seperate entrances. Rosa gets the last and longer entrance? Suppose we need as much time as possible to laugh at that new titantron. Rosa gets the last entrance as well, Cameron couldn’t be bothered turning up. She do what she want!

Nikki (obviously) and Rosa start the match and Nikki hits a fireman’s carry takeover before working over Rosa’s arm. Nikki hits an armdrag which Rosa reverses with a hair pull which Nikki reverse right away. Not too shabby ladies! Rosa forearms Nikki before whipping the lime green lovely into her corner. Rosa nails a corner clothesline before tagging in Summer Rae. SummeRosa hit a double suplex before Rosa shows her sass and Summer gets a two count.

Eva quickly makes her way into the match and she awkwardly clotheslines Nikki. People may complain about me saying that Eva’s movements seemed way too stiff for me here. Summer is tagged back in and SummEva (I’ll stop now) hit a double team move. Summer chokes Nikki before going CRAZY at the ref. She must have gotten out the wrong side of the bed this morning. Or is that everyday? Summer drops Nikki on her back and talks trash (as does Rosa hilariously) yet it costs her as Nikki fires back with a major slap!

Nikki hits a clothesline and a leg sweep and decides enough is enough. She goes for The Rack Attack yet that is thwarted by Rosa Mendes… high-fiving the air? Nikki attacks Rosa and dumps her out of the ring and tries to roll Summer up for a pin yet Eva blind tags herself in, showing some ring savvy (shock horror). Eva establishes a finisher for herself (shock horror) and gets the pinfall win (shock horror)!

After the match, Nattie and Naomi console Nikki yet gets their heads bashed together by Cameron! Cameron gets a blunt kick in on Nikki before being chased out by Naomi. This feud is hotting up!

Thoughts: This match wasn’t half bad. Normally, Divas matches with way too many girls in have a tendency to be awful yet this was very competent and was a really fresh change of pace that showed off what other girls can do.

Storyline wise, Natalya and Naomi just standing there looking upset made perfect sense, as did Cameron bailing on the match entirely. Only afterwards would the crafty and cocksure Diva make her presence felt to make a sneak attack. Even though she was mainly out to hurt Naomi (which she did by shoving Natalya into her), I love the sly little kick she got on Nikki.

The only storyline aspect I do have a tiny bit of a problem with is Nikki acting so defenceless. Her power moves coupled with her non nonsense behaviour on Total Divas would make me think she would stand tall, take names and call out Stephanie and stand up to her a little more. Obviously, her job is ‘at stake’ in this situation, yet she had no qualms confronting John Cena over possible cheating when her relationship was ‘at stake’. I get that she doesn’t want to jeopardize her career yet with her Real Estate qualification behind her, you think she would speak up more!

The Divas who often get ripped to shreds for their lack of ability, Eva Marie and Rosa Mendes, also showed that they either have the basics down (FINALLY in Rosa’s regard) or they are getting there. Although a basic move, Eva’s DDT was ok (mostly due to Nikki’s nice selling) and much better than her winning with a cheap roll up or something. She was less robotic in the ring in my opinion and looking at her expression in the header image on the main page, you can see she’s starting to get the whole acting and emotion thing too. By no means is she Meryl Streep yet, but she’s getting there. Rosa on the other hand has always had the personality and her expression in the same image is hilarious.

Overall, very nice to see girls who need to improve get some much needed spotlight and a chance to improve their skills in front of a live audience. It was also nice to see Natalya again (she’s on NXT yet I’ve been too busy to always catch her moments and get to recap it for you guys!) even though she didn’t do much and we also saw two Diva storylines advance further. Well done WWE. Are they finally getting it?

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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