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WWE Main Event Redux (June 1st, 2016): The Boss Makes a Statement

[media-credit name=”WWE” align=”alignnone” width=”620″]Summer-Rae-vs-Sasha-Banks[/media-credit]

When we look back at the best days of NXT, the likes of Summer Rae and Sasha Banks appear fairly often. In fact, some of their best moments include the times in which they were actually a tag team. So seeing Banks and Rae competing in a lengthy match against one another is a great one to watch, and the women most definitely do not let us down.

As soon as Summer enters the ring we hear her talk about how excited everybody is about the brand extension. She makes sure to mention how everybody on social media – as well as some major news outlets – are discussing where this new idea for WWE will leave Summer Rae, whether that be RAW or SmackDown. Before the blonde can go on to make up more lies, the Boss makes her way down the ramp, to the relief of everyone.

Banks has a few words to say to Summer as she highlights the fact that this is her returning match, and that everybody needs to remember who the real boss of the women’s division is. With the crowd officially on Sasha’s side, Summer states that Sasha blew her opportunity at Wrestlemania, something she would never had done, had she been given the chance. This quickly infuriates the former NXT Women’s Champion but she keeps her cool by simply stating that Summer could never hold the Women’s championship, and even Sasha’s microphone. Banks then quickly follows this by throwing her mic. at Summer Rae (who DOES end up holding it, by the way!) and then punching her in the face.

After some winging from Summer about being attacked, the match begins. The action is pretty back and forth, with Summer enforcing another nasty bump to her opponent, as she did last week. We see moments where the win can go either way (yes, even if it is a Sasha Banks match) but Rae ends up submitting to the Bank Statement before rolling out of the ring in defeat.

Also, Dolph Ziggler is on commentary for absolutely no reason but still manages to do a pretty good job (I must say).

Thoughts: If there’s one thing that this match makes clear, it’s that instead of having occasional matches against one another, these two deserve to have a full length feud. Not only can both work fantastically as wrestlers, but their skills as speakers on the mic are excellent. They both bounce off of one another’s words so well that it’s a real shame that we aren’t seeing them in the ring/backstage on a weekly basis as a build up for a pay-per-view match. This week they work extremely well together as they establish the heel and face dynamic the entire way, successfully work the crowd to get them involved, and entertain the audience throughout the match’s entirety. Everything about this match is so solid, that to see it on a bigger stage would be so fitting.

What this match does best is that it proves that Summer Rae can hang with the big girls. Many fans like to believe that Rae is an expendable member of the roster that is only useful for two minute matches and walking down new talent to the ring. So, if anyone ever feels the need to share that thought again, please show them this match. From her in character screeching and humorous crowd interaction, to her impressive set of offense, Summer proves that she is a brilliant talent that deserves to have more prestigious shining moments. She perfects each move that she gives/receives and allows both herself and her opponent to come across in a strong light. Banks is held as one of the division’s top performers (which she is) and the fact that Summer can hold a match as good as this one with one of the best of the division proves that she is also deserving of that position.

As this is Sasha’s returning match after the recent injuries and rumours, I appreciate how it is made into a somewhat big deal (something the women hardly ever receive). Though we don’t really hear a reason for her absence, it’s nice that WWE aren’t just throwing Sasha out there like they usually do with some of the other women in the locker room. Sasha’s inevitable title reign is in the making, and if it is to be as memorable as it needs to be, then Banks does need to be treated as a threat rather than disposable talent.

Overall, both women do a great job. Banks’ mic work has definitely improved since her debut and Rae certifies that she is still as amazing as she’s always been. These girls would really blow the audience away if they were to have an actual feud,so it is a real shame that this is reduced to Main Event and the occasional Fallout video. But at least it’s entertaining and showcases both of the women’s array of talents.

How did you find this match? Do you think that Summer is as good as Sasha? Are you happy to see Banks back in the ring? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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