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WWE Main Event Redux (September 25th, 2015): Sasha Makes a Statement

What’s up, guys?

It’s been a busy old week in the Divas division, hasn’t it? Paige chucked a tantrum, Natalya made her return – although I’m not too sure when she actually “left” and umm… oh, yes – Charlotte won the Divas Championship! I’m so happy for her; she deserves this reign so much and while it came at the expense of my Queen Nikki Bella, I’m no less thrilled than I would normally be. Nikki is the longest reigning champion of all time, and now Charlotte gets to kick off her own story from here.

This week’s main event gives us a Six Diva Tag Team match, with Team Bella taking on Team B.A.D.

Nikki, Brie and Alicia Fox make their way to the ring first, and Nikki just doesn’t look right without that title in her hands. It’ll take me a while to get used to it, alright? Just deal. Naomi, Tamina Snuka and Sasha Banks head out next, looking fierce and ready to kick some Bella butt. I’m sure they’re all thrilled that Nikki has lost her championship.

For real though, when do I get Sasha vs. Charlotte for the belt?

Sasha and Nikki look ready to kick things off, but as Sasha charges in, Nikki rolls to the safety of the outside. It’s been a tough week, so Nikki just wants a little more time to warm up. Cue the jumping jacks. She rolls back in, and she and Sasha exchange heard words. Sasha goes after the former champ, but it’s Nikki who takes control. Nikki spends a little too long mincing the limelight, and Sasha lands a big dropkick off the ropes. She covers Nikki but can’t make it stick just yet.

Sasha follows up with some jumping jacks of her own, before tagging in her partner, Naomi. Naomi goes right to work on Nikki, who’s trapped in the opposing team’s corner. Tamina tags in next, and taunts Nikki into almost letting her tag out. But she drags her right back to Team B.A.D’s corner. Naomi’s back in now, and she’s all over Nikki. A pin leads to a two count, and Nikki’s beginning to look tired here. Naomi attempts to whop her into the ropes, but Nikki reverses and tags in Alicia Fox.

Alicia flattens Naomi pretty quickly, but can only squeeze a count of one out of it. So far she’s keeping her temper in line, but we all know how easily that can change. Naomi comes out kicking and swinging, and manages to knock Alicia into next month with a big kick over the top rope. Alicia stumbles, but just for a moment, as she delivers a huge kick to Naomi’s mid-section, just as she comes over the ropes. Team O.U.C.H right now, right?

It’s still not enough for a three count, but Naomi has to be winded after that encounter.

We comeback off the break and Brie is in control of Naomi. She quickly tags in her sister, who lays out Naomi. Nikki goes for the pin, but it’s still only two. Frustrated, Nikki locks Naomi’s jaw up in the centre of the ring. Naomi tries to fight back, attempting to leap right up and over Nikki in order to get to her partners.

But Nikki knows better than that, and she wasn’t Divas champ for nothing, you know.

She grabs Naomi mid-air, then slams her back down in a huge spinebuster. That has to be one of my favourite moves. Ever. Nikki with the pin once more, but Naomi is still holding on. Brie tags in, and it’s a Bella Sandwich for Naomi as she falls prey to both Bellas, and their fists, at once. With Naomi laid up in Team Bella’s corner, Brie takes to taunting Sasha and Tamina.

But with her opponent’s back turned, Naomi takes the opportunity to fight back. She lays out both Nikki and Alicia, before leaping over Brie in one more desperate bid to get to Sasha or Tamina. Brie manages to intervene and drops Naomi before she can make the tag. Lucky Brie, you might not be next time!

Brie stares down Sasha and Tamina, before locking up Naomi’s arm in the centre of the ring once more. Naomi is taking an awful lot of punishment in this match, including not one but TWO running knees from Brie. DB’s wife takes too long in setting up for the finish though, and Naomi is given some much-needed time to recuperate. Just as Brie takes flight to land the missile drop kick, Naomi dives aside and both Divas wind up on the mat.

The race is on to reach their teams, and in come Sasha and Alicia. They barrel at each other at full speed, but it’s Sasha who takes control with some big shoulder blocks to Alicia, then some double knees to Alicia’s chest and face. Brie breaks up the pin attempt, only to walk into Tamina’s very big boot. Nikki’s not too happy about that, and lays Tamina out with a massive right hand. God, I love that right hand. It’s so dangerous.

Naomi’s found her strength, however, and knocks Nikki down with a big Rear View. Alicia’s distracted by Naomi, and takes her out with a big boot of her own. But it’s just enough to give Sasha the edge, and as she lays Alicia out and wraps her up in the Bank Statement, Alicia has nowhere to go. She taps outs, and the Boss picks up the win for Team B.A.D. They celebrate in the ring as Team Bella looks on.

Thoughts: A standard six person tag match, really. Nothing spectacular or of note here, other than the fact that we’re coming off a big moment – Charlotte’s win should be the story of the week, but Paige’s turn is outshining her. Whether that will continue to be the case or not, we’ll have to wait and see. I suspect a triple threat for the title is on its way; Charlotte vs. Paige vs. Nikki.

Sasha continues to shine like a freakin’ beacon as she picks up another win. I honestly can’t wait until she wins the Divas title, just like I couldn’t wait for Charlotte to start her win either. It’s a new and exciting time for the division right now and there are a lot of places it can go.

We all know where it’s going to go though, right? *cough* another title reign for Paige. *cough*

And that’s me done for this week! See you next time!

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