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WWE & Playboy: Are We Not Out of the Woods Yet?

Perhaps it was wishful thinking on our part, but our speculation that the WWE has dropped their Playboy endeavors seemed to have been proven true, what with the lack of news on that forefront. However, Playboy has reared its ugly airbrushed head again, but is it a sign from the future or just a coincidence?

You see, Playboy recently canceled it’s long-running Super Bowl party, only to replace it with one in tampa, Florida (eloquently named the “Models and Bottles” party) chock full of Playboy Playmates – 11 to be exact. You might have heard of one of them.. Ashley Massaro? No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, another name on that list caught my eye – Kelly Kelly. Now, I know she hails from Tampa, but it’s been long rumored that Kelly would be the next Diva Playboy covergirl, and this association makes it seem .00001% more likely. I guess I’m just nervous that the Playboy shtick may not be dead and buried.

Let’s face it – Kelly is in prime Playboy positioning, character-wise. She’s gettign a gradual push, she’s a popular bayface, and could easily be pushed into a Women’s Championship feud to supplement the Playboy cover. What do you think – is that likely? WrestleMania is right around the corner and the time’s cutting short, but do you think Kelly’s the girl, and it’s just been well hidden thus far? Cast your vote below and tell us what you think!

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