WWE Releases New Diva Video Packages Including Beth, Layla, Melina & Michelle


In an update to this post, there are five new Diva video packages on the WWE.com website dedicated to Beth Phoenix, Layla, Melina, Michelle McCool and finally a video bundling together all of the other Divas. They must feel so appreciated. Anyhoo, check out all the clips below:


Beth Phoenix

The longest clip of the bunch, Beth’s is nearly two minutes long and concentrates mainly on her awesome Glamazon moments such as smashing Melina against a locker on Raw.

Rest after the cut:



In case you didn’t realise Layla is the WWE dancer girl, this should put you straight.



Despite being a great wrestler, this mainly features clips of Melina wearing very little or doing her signature splits. She has some great moves that are video package worthy but they’re all crammed in at the end — more time for splits!


Michelle McCool

I quite like this one which builds McCool as a vicious, Orton-esque Diva.


‘The Others’

Some good action shots in here but sadly none of them were considered worthy of their own video. On the bright side, does this mean Layla is considered more valued than Kelly or Eve? She’s in company with the top Divas in getting her own video. Is Layla a top Diva now? If so, where do I send flowers?