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WWE reportedly interested in Tessa Blanchard

News broke this past week that Tessa Blanchard‘s contract with IMPACT has been terminated and she was stripped of the World Championship. Now WWE is reportedly interested in signing her.

Both Wrestling Observer and talkSPORT have reported that WWE has expressed interest in signing her. Dave Meltzer has noted they have, “sent feelers out” in regards to working together in the future.

Out of the companies that could potentially sign Tessa, WWE is the strong favourite to offer her a contract. But the move would undoubtedly receive a lot of negativity. However, one would believe that WWE wouldn’t care about such backlash and opt to view her as the future of their women’s division.

The Blanchard surname and its association with Flair is a major factor that would play into the potential signing. A Charlotte Flair vs. Tessa Blanchard match is a WrestleMania main event worthy match and something the WWE may surely have in mind.

However, Tessa Blanchard comes with a lot of baggage.

A career that boasts a wealth of accomplishments has been overshadowed with a reputation of unprofessionalism and attitude problems (by WWE themselves), but the worst are the reports of racism and bullying back in 2017.

The IMPACT release did not come as a shock at all as the relationship between the company and it’s champion had become very strained as of late.

There were reports that Tessa failed to produce video promos for the build-up to Slammiversary, where she was set to defend the IMPACT World Championship in a Five-way match. Prior to this Tessa failed to make it to Rebellion, where she scheduled to defend her title in a Three-Way match.

Despite her negative reputation and supposed attitude problems, Tessa is held high as one of the best female competitors out there. At only 24 years of age Tessa still has a lot to offer and now that she is a free agent it could be very possible that she may end up in WWE.

What do you make of the rumors and would you like to see Tessa Blanchard in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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