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WWE Superstars Redux (July 12th, 2012): The Divas of Doom Reunite, But Kaitlyn and Alicia Put Up a Fight

Welcome to another wonderful edition of the Superstars Redux. It’s the first week in a pretty long time that I have one of these to write, and depending on the match, this could be a good or bad thing. Already from the get go, I’m kind of excited because it’s a match we haven’t seen before in that of Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn against Beth Phoenix and Natalya. This could go one of two ways (obviously), so let’s get started because I can’t think of anything else to say to build this up!

PARRTAYYYY hits the sound system, and out skips the perky Kaitlyn and equally perky Alicia Fox. Adorned in her Fancy Fox Hood, the two former enemies team up for the first time and look to make a statement against their opponents, the Divas of Doom. Beth and Nattie look to be all business tonight, as they pose on the ring apron before stepping inside the squared circle. The bell sounds as we get started with Alicia and Natalya circling about. Nattie applies a waist lock and takes Fox down, before Alicia fights out and they engage in a shoving war. Fox eventually kicks Natalya in the stomach and smacks her on the butt, but Nattie proceeds to slap her across the face in rebuttal.

The two head to the corner, as we then witness Natalya go for a Monkey Flip. Fox impressively lands on her feet and leapfrogs over Nattie! She then hits a really nice headscissors takedown for a two count, before tagging in Kaitlyn as the two hit a snapmare/dropkick combo for a two count. Nattie soon takes control and hilariously lets Kaitlyn know how much she hates her, as she proceeds to tag in Beth to a great reception. Beth begins to dominate Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn then fights out with a nice crossbody for a two count. Tag back in to Fox, with the duo hitting another nice double team maneuver ending with a dropkick by Fox. Nattie tries to run in, but Alicia hip tosses her over right onto a downed Beth!

The Divas of Doom scurry to the outside, sparking Foxy to run forward with a baseball slide towards Phoenix. After a brief moment to collect her thoughts, Beth hurries back into the ring and kicks Fox in the midsection. She goes for a clotheslines, but Alicia matrixes out and hits a dropkick! Tag into Nattie, but Fox leapfrogs over and back elbows her. Tag into Kaitlyn, with both hitting an Irish Whip into a Sidewalk Slam for a two count. Kaitlyn proceeds to hit a Suplex, as Scott Stanford namedrops Kathy Bates to my amusement. Kaitlyn seems to have injured her knee a bit, as Beth and Nattie now start to work the injured body part over. Phoenix Irish Whips Natalya into Kaitlyn, but as Nattie tries to keep the upper hand, Kaitlyn dodges out of the way.

Kaitlyn tries to crawl towards Foxy, but Natalya backs her into the corner and tags in Beth. Phoenix applies a single leg Boston Crab, as Alicia gets the crowd to cheer Kaitlyn on. Natalya runs in behind the referees back and takes Fox off the ring apron, and this does nothing but piss Alicia off! She runs back in and tackles Nattie to the floor, but Beth eventually pulls Fox off and throws her to the outside as well. Phoenix turns back around and goes to lift Kaitlyn up, but Kaitlyn scores a small package for the HUGE upset! Kaitlyn and Alicia celebrate their victory, as Beth has to be physically restrained by Natalya from the utter shock of this surprising result.

Thoughts: To say I loved this match would be an understatement. I thought it was really, really fantastic, on all four Divas’ parts. No one seemed off, and it was insanely fast paced throughout the majority of the bout, which I prefer to slow and methodical. Natalya can work with anyone, and I still don’t believe I have ever seen her take part in a bad match in the four years she’s been on TV. I honestly believe she is the best female wrestler WWE has, and like she said in her interview with Colt Cabana, whether she’s at the top of the Diva food chain or not isn’t important. It’s not going to change the fact that she continues to put on great match after great match with whoever she’s against.

I also want to speak on Alicia and Kaitlyn, who got a huge surprise victory pinning Beth Phoenix. If you were to tell anyone that Beth and Kaitlyn would be involved in the finish, I highly doubt anyone could believe it would be Kaitlyn and Alicia leaving with a victory. Personally, I felt this was Fox’s best performance in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, Alicia is one of my favorites when it comes to Divas, but I kind of felt her ring work had become stagnant in recent matches. Granted, she’s barely seemed to have any lately, and when she did, they were quick losses to Beth Phoenix, but she looked like a different person out there tonight. Everything was on point, looked sharp, quick, and delivered. Keep it up, Foxy, please!

As far as Kaitlyn goes, some may think it’s “alarming” for the most recent Divas Champion/number one contender attaining a loss to her on Superstars… but honestly, I love Kaitlyn so I’m really not bothered. I would kill to see her get utilized more because I think she’s very underrated as a performer. Whether her pinning Beth leads to anything or not, I’m happy for her because she’s never really had that breakout victory since she was always kind of the punching bag for the Divas of Doom during Beth’s title reign, and outside that, mainly competed on NXT. I feel like she and Layla could put on a great match when you mix Layla’s speed with Kaitlyn’s power. Kind of like how Kaitlyn and AJ always shined against each other in FCW. But to sum this up, tonight’s Divas tag was top notch, and I commend Beth, Natalya, Alicia, and Kaitlyn on delivering a great performance.

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