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WWE Superstars Redux (March 20th, 2014): Alicia and Nattie Deliver Short and Sweet

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars Redux. It’s Friday, which means a double dose of Divas, a double dose of me and this week, Natalya fans are in luck as it’s a double dose of Nattie! Following on from her NXT appearance, Natalya will be scrapping with the woman she has electric chemistry with, Miss Alicia Fox! These two shine brighter than Rihanna’s diamonds on Superstars so will tonight be another example of that? Let’s find out. Apologies for the 2012 reference too. It’s not my fault Rihanna’s not released anything recently and I couldn’t work her Eminem and Shakira collaborations into it!


Natalya is out first and she’s rocking her fairly new t-shirt with pride. She points at a fan with a Nattie fan sign yet she can’t get grabbed by the fan as she’s not close enough to the barricade. A point of acknowledgement will have to suffice! Out next, rocking some new blue clobber is Alicia Fox. Not sure why she’s carrying a washrag to the ring with her though. Maybe she was just washing cars with it to earn extra money as WWE doesn’t utilize her amazing talents enough. We’ll probably never know!

The pair grapple before Alicia works on Nattie’s wrist and laughs in her face. Alicia trips Tal to the floor, yet the Dungeon Diva capitalizes with a stunning reversal. Alicia lands on top of Natalya though, which nearly costs the Canadian veteran. After a two count, Natalya uses her strength to rise up before hitting a backslide for two. Alicia comes back fighting, hitting a slick headscissors that started from a backward roll. Natalya hits back, wrenching Alicia with a wristlock before our favorite foxy fashionista grabs the ropes to break the hold.

Natalya tries some kip up showboating yet the boat meets Alicia’s iceberg-like big boot to the mouth. Good god that was good! Following a pin attempt, Alicia works over Nattie’s face, ramming her nose first into the mat several times. Alicia locks in a sleeper on Nattie before slamming the back of her head to the mat. Seemingly changing tact to hurt the back of Natalya’s head now or just beating up the entire cranium region in general, Alicia drops Nattie on the back of her head, northern lights suplex style.

Alicia goes back to a submission, and we can now see that Natalya is bleeding for the mouth. I think Natalya seeing red may just help mount a comeback for her! I was right (which had nothing to do with me having already seen the match. Honest.) and Natalya reverses Alicia’s tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to turn the tide!

Well, sort of. Alicia dazes Nat for a brief moment with a kick, yet Natalya levels Alicia for revenge with her Nattie-by-Nature clothesline. She then locks in the Sharpshooter and this one is already over!

After the match, Natalya has on-stage interview with Jerry Lawler (erm, on Superstars?!) and she hypes Total Divas Season 2. She debuts her new catchphrase, “Nattie by nature, naughty by choice, made in the dungeon.” I like it!

Thoughts: A short but sweet offering by Alicia and Nattie. I don’t think poor Alicia will ever catch a break in WWE again, yet every time she puts on a performance like that, I hope WWE takes notice this time. The start was really crisp and original and Alicia’s momentum-shifting kick was epic. Although Natalya’s comeback was short, it kind of makes sense considering Alicia can’t really be classed as formidable anymore and she hasn’t picked up a pin fall win since May 2007. I’m being sarcastic obviously yet it sadly seems pretty accurate!

Natalya was good on the mic and it felt natural and not false. I really like her new catchphrase and I’m glad it looks like WWE are going to reflect Total Divas on screen as opposed to ignoring it’s storylines altogether.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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